Jan 172020

The economic effects of automation aren’t what you think they are – Single Lunch:

“A job is made from of a bundle of tasks. For example, O*NET defines the job of post-secondary architecture teacher as including 21 tasks like advising students, preparing course materials and conducting original research.”

*Lots of interesting content. 

Jan 172020

Where People Leaving New York, California and Illinois Are Going – Bloomberg:

“New York, California and Illinois have been hemorrhaging residents. Almost 3.2 million more people left those states for elsewhere in the U.S. than arrived from other states, from 2010 through 2019, according to population estimates released last week by the Census Bureau. Nine other states saw net out-migration of more than 100,000 people over that period, but none really came close to the big three.”

Jan 172020

PopSockets CEO calls out Amazon’s ‘bullying with a smile’ tactics:

“… executives from Sonos, Basecamp, and Tile, who all took turns airing a list of grievances against major tech players such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. They all recounted, in manners specific to their respective companies, how the major tech players have used their market dominance to squeeze smaller competitors in allegedly anticompetitive ways. “

*Are some of today’s big tech firms abusing their suppliers?

Jan 152020

Bose is closing all of its retail stores in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia – The Verge:

“Bose plans to close its entire retail store footprint in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. The company announced the decision earlier today and pointed to the fact that its headphones, speakers, and other products ‘are increasingly purchased through e-commerce’ as the reasoning. Hundreds of employees will be laid off as a result. “

Jan 152020

Finding Time to Invest in Yourself:

“Naval: Judgment takes experience. It takes a lot of time to build up. You have to put yourself in positions where you can exercise judgment. That’ll come from taking on accountability.

Leverage is something that society gives you after you’ve demonstrated judgment. You can get it faster by learning high-leverage skills like coding or working with the media. These are permissionless leverage. This is why I encourage people to learn to code or produce media, even if it’s just nights and weekends. “

*Interesting throughout

Jan 142020

UZH – World Premiere in Zurich: Machine keeps human livers alive for one week outside of the body:

“Until now, livers could be stored safely outside the body for only a few hours. With the novel perfusion technology, livers – and even injured livers – can now be kept alive outside of the body for an entire week. This is a major breakthrough in transplantation medicine, which may increase the number of available organs for transplantation and save many lives of patients suffering from severe liver disease or a variety of cancers”


Jan 132020

Tesla Surges Above $500, Leaving Analyst Targets in the Dust – Bloomberg:

“Tesla Inc. shares rose above $500 for the first time on Monday as Wall Street analysts played catch-up with the electric-vehicle maker’s share price, which has doubled from October.”