Nov 202021

Ask Ariely: On Gifting Gratitude and Requesting Reply – Dan Ariely:

I gave them a pull down menu with options that ranged from “drop everything and answer me now” to “by the end of the day” to “by the end of the week,” to “by the end of the month,” and I also added an option I was most curious about, which was “no response necessary.” It was surprising to me how many emails were in the “no response necessary” category (about 20%) and more surprising how few emails were in the “drop everything and answer me now” category (about 2%).

*Interesting idea. This test gave insights one may not know about. 

Nov 092021

Words With Web 3’s King: An Interview With Chris Dixon – by Sotonye – Time Well Spent:

We are very early in the development of the internet. Historically, with really major tech breakthroughs, in the first few decades you get first-order effects. The first order effect of the automobile was getting you from one place to another faster. But the really profound things happened in the next phase from second-order effects: suburbs, commuting, highways, trucking, fast food and big box retail, eventually e-commerce, ride sharing, and so on. We are just now entering the second order effects phase of the internet, and it will take many decades to play out.

*Looks interesting

Nov 092021

Astroworld tragedy: What to do if you’re caught in a crushing crowd : NPR:

Helping behaviors and altruistic behaviors are kind of contagious in crowds. The same applies to individualistic or selfish behaviors.

Oct 172021


Interesting Amazon Pharmacy ad as seen on the New York Times website.


Wonder how big of a push they are making? Pharmacy is a huge market. Will have to explore how they are doing differentiation and going above and beyond what other retail vendors are providing to consumers. 


This ad was a full width browser ad on a desktop computer. Haven’t watched the video embedded in the ad yet.

Amazon Pharamacy Ad as seen on the New York Times Website



Oct 172021

Opinion | The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think – The New York Times:

It’s easy to say that all these people should have been more informed or sought advice from a medical provider, except that many have no health care provider. As of 2015, one quarter of the population in the United States had no primary health care provider to turn to for trusted advice.

*”one quarter of the population in the United States had no primary health care provider” This is a real problem. People need to engage their friends and family. Ask them if they have a PCP (Primary Care Physician), offer a few reasons it’s a smart thing to have one. We as a society can help our friends and family become healthier and more informed. My thinking it that having a PCP would move the needle on preventable illnesses and those where early treatment would make a meaningful difference. 

Oct 172021

Should You Get a Microbiome Test? – The New York Times:

There’s no doubt the microbiome plays an important role in our overall health, converting the food we eat into a range of compounds that have benefits throughout our body. The microbes in our gut produce a variety of vitamins; synthesize hormones like serotonin, which influences metabolic health and mood; and ferment the fiber that we eat, turning it into short chain fatty acids that can lower inflammation. The composition of our microbiomes is shaped by our genetics, our environment and the foods, drugs and beverages we consume.

*The Microbiome is an area to watch and learn about. So unknown, with potentially huge implications to health. 

Oct 172021

A Nostalgic Quest to Buy a 1986 Toyota MR2 – The New York Times:

What’s hardest to find? It depends on where you live. “In hot countries, it is usually the plastics that are hard to find,” said Neil Jones, who has an extensive parts and salvage business in Wales. “In wet countries, it’s the metalwork.”