Jul 202016

Podcasting Has An Ad-Skipping Problem, Too – WSJ:

“Podcasting Has An Ad-Skipping Problem, Too The 15-second skip button allows listeners to avoid commercials”

*Ads need to be relevant to the listeners of the show. People will continue listening if the product is relevant to them.

Also, if the listener has a device in their pocket there is some resistance to pulling it out and forward skipping.

**Some corded and bluetooth headphones have the ability to skip ahead as well using physical buttons.

Jul 022016

How Telemedicine Is Transforming Health Care – WSJ:

“In the past year, ICUs monitored by Mercy specialists have seen a 35% decrease in patients’ average length of stay and 30% fewer deaths than anticipated. ‘That translates to 1,000 people who were expected to die who got to go home instead,’ says Randy Moore, president of Mercy Virtual.”

*Impressive results. 

Apr 202016

Got a Hot Seller on Amazon? Prepare for E-Tailer to Make One Too – Bloomberg: “Rain Design’s experience shows how Amazon is using insights gleaned from its vast Web store to build a private-label juggernaut that now includes more than 3,000 products”

*Competition sometimes comes from unexpected places. The retailer is closer to the customer and owns a direct relationship that is hard for a manufacturer to compete with. Think of it as the middleman cutting out the supplier.

Apr 052016

A Nerd’s Review of the Tesla Model S – David Smith:

“As with everything Tesla does, autopilot seems to be getting better each and every software update (which as a side note is amazing…my car is better now than when I bought it, which is quite a thing).”

*Over-the-air software updates make new things possible. Your car can get smarter and better over time. Amazing.

Apr 042016


The Internet allows easy access to information at the frontiers of knowledge, and modern technology helps to put the gathering and analysis of data within the reach of modest budgets.

*Expanded opportunity for many more people. You can learn a lot with a very modest budget it you invest in Internet access and invest time exploring. 

Apr 042016

Side Projects

There was something great about the ability to experiment with an idea before committing to it and before sucking other people’s money into it. When it didn’t work, it didn’t work. No need to pivot to save face or get your investors whole. Just shut it down and tinker on another idea.

*The ability to tickle ideas and see how they react is powerful. Don’t get over invested in an idea or business that isn’t and will not work in the market. 

Mar 192016

News from The Associated Press:

“Last month, the FAA announced there are now more registered drone operators in the U.S. (325,000) than there are registered manned aircraft (320,000).”

*Headed to millions of drone operators I think.

Mar 142016

RetailWire Discussion: McD’s first loyalty program will come with free fries:

“My Starbucks Rewards has 11.1 million members”

*Interesting. First time I’ve seen a number for this.

Feb 012016

Below are some highlights.

# [How I realized the incredible impact that great bosses have](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2016/02/01/how-i-realized-the-incredible-impact-that-great-bosses-have/)

> he believed in me more than I did, and he bet a $100 million project on my vision

> Birdie allowed me to learn from my mistakes. And then he promoted me to vice president of Information Technology when I achieved success.

> Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Manage the Flow of Talent, calls a “superboss.”

> superbosses take chances on unconventional talent.

> Superbosses take raw talent and build self-confidence.

> They hire for intelligence, creativity, and flexibility — and are not afraid of people who may be smarter than they are.

> a “nurturer”: someone who coaches, inspires, and mentors.

> Bedell managed by a method he called “outstanding success possibilities.”

> Superbosses create master–apprentice relationships.

> They customize their coaching to what each protégé needs and are constant fonts of practical wisdom.

> A common trait of superbosses is the ability to delegate work and build jobs on the strengths of their subordinates.

> there is nothing that stops you from being a superboss. As you begin to achieve success, start helping others and nurturing your colleagues and subordinates.

*How did I get these highlights? First I sent the article to Instapaper from Reeder. In the Instapaper app for iOS on an iPad I read and highlighted passages that were interesting. At the bottom of the page in Instapaper there is an export option. That was sent to Drafts where I am writing this text. A few minutes ago I installed an extension for Drafts to sent to the WordPress app.