Apr 282017

“… a fifty-year trend in this country toward less engagement by US citizens in their communities.”

What will be the inflection point where this trend reverses? Could an idea based off Meetup and other social sites enable people to gather around a do the work the community needs?

Community? Call to action. What needs to be done? Define the people impacted positively and who is able to help with skills, talent, time and money. The site could bring people together and help community leaders rally people in and around their communities.

Jan 022017

Automakers Prepare for an America That’s Over the Whole Car Thing – The New York Times:

“General Motors and its partner, Lyft, an Uber rival, are about to begin testing a fleet of self-driving cars ferrying passengers short distances in Detroit and other cities. Uber already has similar trials underway in Pittsburgh and has just expanded its tests to San Francisco. Next year, Delphi Automotive expects to have self-driving Audis providing rides to mass transit stations in a section of Singapore.”



*The future is coming. 

Nov 222013

November 22, 2013
2:09:46 PM

Found this in the highlights of a Kindle book I was reading.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

Review your highlights from Kindle books at https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights

If you highlight too much of a text you will loose the ability to see the early highlights this way. I saved highlights to a personal Evernote file, one per book. That way if the highlights become inaccessable this way I have the early highlights already saved in a file I can review in it’s entirety any time I want.

2:12:58 PM

Nov 042013

4 November 2013
12:10:42 PM

Thinking of using Drafts to write posts for my blog. There is not a direct way I know of to directly publish that way. There is a way to send to Byword and for that app to publish to my blog. This post will be testing that idea.

This post was created on an iPad mini.

12:13:25 PM

May 222013

NFL commish says new multi-year partnership with Microsoft will ‘change the game of football’ – GeekWire: “”


*Surprisingly this headline is not from The Onion.

Mar 012011

While looking for a twitter name that was hard to spell I decided to search Google Reader for a term that might have been used. Last I recall, there were a few Twitter feeds coming in to Google Reader. One is tweets marked as favorites and there is or was one for @ replies to my account. The hope was that the person using Twitter I was looking for used the word “Biggby” (coffee chain here in Michigan) in a message to me. As of this post the search continues, but the reason behind this post is that you can use Google Reader as a personal search engine (PSE) that will search all the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you subscribe to. This would be similar to searching a single site using the advanced search features of Google but doing it for hundreds of sites that you subscribe to via RSS.

The search continues …

*The person I am looking for is on Skype and is logged in. Status is marked as do not disturb and in any case I want to learn how to find what I am looking for faster and more effectively using tools that are available. Will try Greplin next.

**Greplin came through after just two attempts.