Sep 272013


Podcast categories are alphabetical except for technology. That’s right at the top.

*As seen in the Apple Podcasts app.

Sep 242013

Getting to know AirDrop on iOS 7 | How To – CNET:

“Owners of an iPhone 5 or later, iPad fourth generation, iPad Mini and the fifth-generation iPod Touch will be able to take advantage of AirDrop. “

*This explains why AirDrop was not working on my 4S.

Dec 162012


The screenshot below contains emails, with subject lines and dates, from Apple.

Starting at the bottom we have the iPad introduction, then we have launch dates for iPad Wi-Fi, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, iPhone 4 and at the top iTunes Ping. 


Screenshot 12 16 12 8 56 PM









Sep 232012

Thought about tweeting the text below.

When is the BIGGER iPad coming out? Is it 12”, 13”, 14” or 15”? And you were thinking they were expanding smaller? #iKnowNothing 😉

There has been a lot of chatter that an Apple event in October will introduce a new smaller iPad device. Well, in the not to distant future Apple might discover a market for an iPad even bigger than the current 9.7″ model. Time will tell if this is reality or just a dream.


Current laptops from Apple come with screen sizes of 11″, 13″, and 15″. The power of three?

Mar 182012

Anarchy in the App Store – Businessweek:

“how often a downloaded app gets used, the leader board might more accurately reflect popularity, says Craig Palli, a Fiksu vice president.”

(Via .)

Interesting idea to create a more relevant ranking system. What are people downloading and how often are they using it? This could be a problem for apps that are not used frequently. I’m thinking of the app Pages, an app from Apple. I have it, but don’t use it often.