Dec 162012

The Western Michigan University Magazine – Winter 2012, p. 18

Mention of SpeechHero

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App Store – SpeechHero AAC

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May 142012

May 14, 2012
12:15 PM
Edge case features.

A feature that a small, very small subset of people would love your app to have. Uncommon request.

Maybe this is one of the ways to stand out in a crowded market.

Also, this feature might be totally awesome if more people saw it in use and understood the value created by a seemingly off the wall feature request.

Who would want that feature?

Ohhhhhhhh, oh, WOW!

12:17 PM


Note: The above was inspired by a conversation that Marco Arment, @marcoarment, and Dan Benjamin, @danbenjamin, were having early in the live broadcast of Build and Analyze episode 77.  <– Show notes should be available after the show is over.

Jan 072011

Apple recently created a store for Mac apps. Saw these two tweets right next to each other. Opposite opinions on this subject.


When something inspires such divergent opinions it might mean it is really remarkable. Time will tell if this is a home run for Apple.

Jan 012011

The picture below represents the current home screen layout as I currently use it.

TuneIn Radio is great, as is Wikihood.  They both offer something unique or outstanding IMHO.

From left to right starting at the top.

  • Google Maps
  • Photos
  • Earthquakes (notification and visualization of recent earthquakes globally)
  • Contacts
  • Flickr (Actually this is an iPhone app that you have to run 2x to fit the iPad)
  • Waze (Live mapping application. Has some game elements.)
  • Maps (folder of map applications)
  • Notes
  • Flipboard (Beautiful application for visualization of online content. Mostly Twitter, but also Flickr and Google Reader RSS posts)
  • Twitter (folder of Twitter applications)
  • Twitter (Official Twitter application)
  • Books (folder of book and reading applications)
  • Evernote (The everything notebook storage application)
  • AccuWeather
  • TuneIn Radio (paid 99 cents, worth $5)
  • Google (search and access to Google applications)
  • Google Voice (access and use your account on a mobile device)
  • Instapaper (Read it later application. Used in conjunction with a browser bookmarklet tool)
  • WordPress (application to create blog posts using WordPress)
  • Wikihood (Wikipedia entries for places near you)