Oct 132014

A Bit of College Can Be Worse Than None at All – WSJ:

“There has been little or no difference in wages among 20- to 24-year-olds who graduated high school and those who completed some college but aren’t enrolled anymore.”

*On the plus side.

College dropouts have a lower unemployment rate than those with no college credits—12.1% versus 15.5%, respectively, for 20- to 29-year-olds

*The credential is the thing that confers that the skills and talents the holder has, can create value in the world. Credentialism opens up opportunities for new skill building systems. Online education that costs less, is faster and more effective and has a credential attached may become the wave of the future.

*Credentialism is not quite the word I am looking for as it seems to mean that employers falsely use it as an unnecessary requirement for a job. The word I am looking for is related to having a certificate that shows you have certain skills and abilities. Computer software certification would be a good example. If one can master software one can create a multiple of value for an organization. Computer skills can be acquired rapidly and measurably via online training courses. Lynda.com is an example worth checking out. There is a way to put the certificates from Lynda on your LinkedIn profile. That is the kind of signal that might attract employers to you even if you don’t have a degree from a college or university.   

Sep 232013

West Michigan contractor finds success in building high-end student housing | MLive.com:

“‘Student housing is what’s hot right now,’”

Until it isn’t.

Luxury housing for college students would seem to be coming under pressure in the not too distant future if not already.

Apr 122011

While many economists say student debt should be seen in a more favorable light, the rising loan bills nevertheless mean that many graduates will be paying them for a longer time.

via NYT: Grads squeezed by student loan burden – Business – U.S. business – The New York Times – msnbc.com.


What about the people that don’t graduate and have student loan debt?

Feb 152011

And, if the tales of Facebook and Google are any indication, the new champions of education might not be a McGraw-Hill or Blackboard, but a couple of intrepid tinkerers toying around with their new tablet.

via Apple’s iPad Officially Passes the Higher Education Test [Exclusive] | Fast Company.

Imagination + Technology + Action (can) = Amazing Success

*Read the full article in Fast Company.