Nov 272016

Drug price increases will likely bring more regulation in the future. In the short run that is probably not the case. The balance of power in Washington can change very quickly. 


Drugmakers Find Competition Doesn’t Keep a Lid on Prices

*Link may be behind the Wall Street Journal paywall. Try pasting the title in a Google Search


“The two companies, though rivals, followed a common industry practice: raising prices almost in lockstep.”


““You’re not rewarded for having a low price and for the most part, the market doesn’t punish a high price,” says Mick Kolassa”


“The freedom to raise, rather than slash, prices in the face of competition is a big reason why U.S. prescription-drug spending has surged by close to 10% on average annually in recent years to $310 billion in 2015”


“Tandem drug-price increases for other ailments have prompted lawmakers to call for investigations into potential collusion.”


“Tandem increases can be perfectly legal, so long as companies don’t confer with each other, says Herbert Hovenkamp”


“In compliance training, companies tell employees not to discuss pricing with rivals. But when it comes to drugs, list prices are public.”


““Any profit-optimizing company is going to want to get as much price as they can get,””




Feb 012016

Below are some highlights.

# [How I realized the incredible impact that great bosses have](

> he believed in me more than I did, and he bet a $100 million project on my vision

> Birdie allowed me to learn from my mistakes. And then he promoted me to vice president of Information Technology when I achieved success.

> Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Manage the Flow of Talent, calls a “superboss.”

> superbosses take chances on unconventional talent.

> Superbosses take raw talent and build self-confidence.

> They hire for intelligence, creativity, and flexibility — and are not afraid of people who may be smarter than they are.

> a “nurturer”: someone who coaches, inspires, and mentors.

> Bedell managed by a method he called “outstanding success possibilities.”

> Superbosses create master–apprentice relationships.

> They customize their coaching to what each protégé needs and are constant fonts of practical wisdom.

> A common trait of superbosses is the ability to delegate work and build jobs on the strengths of their subordinates.

> there is nothing that stops you from being a superboss. As you begin to achieve success, start helping others and nurturing your colleagues and subordinates.

*How did I get these highlights? First I sent the article to Instapaper from Reeder. In the Instapaper app for iOS on an iPad I read and highlighted passages that were interesting. At the bottom of the page in Instapaper there is an export option. That was sent to Drafts where I am writing this text. A few minutes ago I installed an extension for Drafts to sent to the WordPress app.

Nov 222014


Instapaper Premium











These are three great features of Instapaper Premium.


Full-text search. What articles I have saved mentioned “_____”?

Highlighting of passages without limits. It would be really cool if they created a synopsis at the top before the article with all the highlighted passages. Consider this a feature request.

Text-To-Speech. Listen to articles or listen and read at the same time. Might be helpful for kids too.

Aug 282013

August 28, 2013

What are you learning about?

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3


Imagine if each of these topics were things like George Washington, Auto Repair and Modern Literature. What is there was a service that did something magical and found relevant information about your topics and sent it to your Instapaper account?


*Just read a post on Quora about how a Wikipedia app is one of over 100 apps that use the Instapaper API.


Now, open Instapaper and read content that will help you learn about your topics faster.

Wonder if this exists already. If so, is this not a job enough people need done or is there a communication issue that prevents people from knowing about this solution?

Jun 042013

Just added these two articles to Instapaper.


In Big Companies, Lean Is Only One Piece of the Puzzle – Maxwell Wessel and James Allworth – Harvard Business Review


Brick and Mortars (Still) Can’t Beat the Web on Price – Rafi Mohammed – Harvard Business Review


*Look forward to reading them.