Nov 042018

Jeff Raider on Founding Warby Parker and Harry’s – The New York Times:

“Jeff Raider on Founding Warby Parker and Harry’s First, eyeglasses. Now, shaving. Mr. Raider, a co-founder of two powerful direct-to-consumer brands, says change happens faster than we think.”

*Interesting short interview. Didn’t know of the Warby Parker and Harry’s connection previously.

Feb 212013

20 Odd Questions: James Dyson – “Mr. Dyson, 65, created his first consumer product—a wheelbarrow with a ball in place of a wheel—in 1974. “


Research and Development → Invention.

Apr 132011

Even the most durable competitive advantages fade with time if you don’t replace them with new advantages.

Jeff Bezos

via Wired 8.07: and Beyond.

Truth about business. The full interview is worth a read.