Nov 042018

The screenshot image below is from Dent Reality.

It seems they are working on some interesting Augmented Reality technology. Someone is going to make something that creates consumer and retailer value. If you visit their site hopefully you can see a video of the demo the screenshot was from.


AR in Retail

Aug 102014

Apple iPhone Privacy Changes Lead to Layoffs at Retail Tracking Startup Nomi | Re/code:

… repeat visitor information was mainly gathered by keeping track of an iPhone’s MAC address — the 12-character identifier that is broadcast when a phone is searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks. The problem for Nomi, and others in the space, is that Apple will start randomizing that number in iOS8 …

*Things change.

Sep 122012

Wary of Holiday Forecasts, Retailers Stay Flexible:

This year, retailers say they want to be more flexible, ready to ramp up on best sellers and cut off supplies of the duds.

(Via US Business)


Will air freight be the big winner this holiday season?