Jul 262011

Terms of Service – Compliance

See the difference between the two screenshots? The one on the left has the “Shop In Kindle Store” button that takes you to the Kindle store in Amazon.com to buy books. The link was removed to comply with the terms Apple has set forth. I’ve never used that link to buy books. Of the sixty or so, free and paid, books I’ve bought for Kindle, all have been done via the Amazon.com store on a computer.


IMG 0204



IMG 0209



Jul 242011



Above is a screenshot of the reading trends from Google Reader for my account. In particular, it shows the ranking of blogs that I share with other people on Google Reader. If I had to eliminate the bottom 90% of the blogs I subscribe to, these would all be in the 10% I keep.

Regarding the “Twitter / Favorites from Admore”, that is a feed of tweets I’ve added to favorites and consider sharing with people in Google Reader. In this way, I can share funny, amusing and informational tweets with people who most certainly have not seen them.

Jul 232011

Podcasts Worth Exploring



These are some of best podcasts I listen too. There are more, but they are not focused on business, technology or marketing quite like these.

This Week in Venture Capital is a relatively recent addition. The three or four episodes I’ve listened to were outstanding. See links below.


Joanne Wilson

Chris Dixon

Charles Best






Jul 222011

Our Newest Employee: Techathew Cruncherin, Google+ Maven | TechCrunch:

As per Google’s very, very clear rules, someone has to run it, so we’ve hired someone! Meet Techathew Cruncherin, our newest employee. He’s shy, so you may not see him around much, but he lives here at TechCrunch headquarters. Under a desk. He’s an awesome guy. And he lives for Google+. Loves it. Shares the shit out of our TechCrunch posts. It’s awesome.


Was laughing out loud at this work around.  Imaginary person brought to life.

Jul 102011

The Quiznos sandwich chain has brought in restructuring advisers to help rework its finances, said people familiar with the matter, as the company struggles with a sales slump and a looming debt default.

via Near Default, Quiznos Taps Advisers – WSJ.com.

There are risks to being a franchisee.

Jul 042011

“… making local commercials for small businesses.”

Quote from a Wall Street Journal article.

There are people that are doing just that. What would keep you from doing the same? You could focus on the businesses that you really like. It could be two or three shots per video. Shot one, exterior of building. Shot 2, sweeping shot of interior. The third would be a still of a Google map with the location of the business. Suggested scene lengths of five seconds, twenty seconds and five seconds.