Medical Technology Inspired by → What You Can’t Say

What You Can’t Say:

“They found that even when the radiologists missed a cancerous lesion, their eyes had usually paused at the site of it. Part of their brain knew there was something there; it just didn’t percolate all the way up into conscious knowledge.”

(Via.) Paul Graham on Twitter.


*What caught my eye in this is that it might be possible to have radiologists wear an eye tracking device that measures eye movements. Pause locations would be rechecked if on first inspection the radiologist decides there isn’t a problem that crosses their arbitrary threshold. 

Product Details

When the customer clicks on “Product Details” there should be real details. In-depth and useful.

How will the customer use this?

If I was that customer doing that what would I want to know?

Real Example

Rain barrels to collect water from a gutter and down spout system. There is a spicket for a hose near the bottom and a second one for filling a watering can. Might a customer wonder if their watering will fit under the higher one? Give them details on how high each of the spickets are.

Details matter. Don’t just go through the motions. If the product doesn’t work it will get returned. Not every customer will do this, but why inconvenience the customer or give them negative feelings towards your company and the products you sell?

More details will also create less need for the customer to contact you. This will reduce customer service costs and enable your firm to be more competitive.

Just Write – This is the Doing Part

Learn by doing. Key point→ Doing.

Want to learn? You must do. That means knowing a general area you want to learn in. Once you know that. Do things in that area. What I want to learn … Digital publishing… you know, blogging. How do tools like MarsEdit and WordPress make things that used to be hard, difficult and expensive available to the masses? Let’s embark on a journey to see how this all plays out.


Participants vs. Spectators


You are either in the game or you are watching the game. There are lots of games and some you should be in and not just watching. Make some selections for where you will participate.


Notes: I wrote the Title partially before writing and finished it after writing. This writing and publishing is sort of like those 365 days of pictures things people participate in. This is also sort of like a New Years Resolution except that one can start anytime. And, I am starting now. Some days will be missed. Start right back up and keep going. Who know what will be learned and where it will lead.

Go Forward!

Audible Reviewer – The Chain of Buying Decisions – Wish List


Customer Reviews Audible com


With so many people willing to participate in large, networked endeavors, maybe we really are on the cusp of finding new ways to fund and perform scientific research.

Just stumbled upon a review by Pam. Saw a different book reviewed by her. She wrote succinctly and other reviewers liked her style too. I decided to see more of her reviews. The block quote above from her review reminds me of the book Wikinomics. I haven’t read it yet but my understanding is that it is about bringing diverse and perhaps unorganized people together with digital technologies to work on and solve problems.

I like books narrated by Walter Dixon. While checking his catalog of narrated books I came upon the book American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America on Audible which is where is saw a review by Pam.

Notes: Added both Reinventing Discover and American Nations to my Audible Wish List.