Attention Grabbing Ad


Talk about an interruption ad. This one interrupts before you even have a chance to start reading the paper.

  • It got noticed
  • First reaction, this looks dumb, who would put an ad right on the product?
    • It was super simple to remove. +1
  • Whoever made the actual peal sticker marketing product seems to have done a good job.
    • Fast and easy removal is critical to not make the customer angry

The PayPal Opportunity: Tax Refund + Direct Deposit = Big Win

in regards to how people get their tax refund checks from the government. If PayPal created a system that is nearly 100% safe in regards to setting up direct deposits, they could get a ton of assets in user accounts. Once the money is in those accounts, people will generate more transactions, which in turn, will generate more income for PayPal.

If PayPal was smart, they would create a program that has the attributes below.

  • Peace of mind for the account holder
  • Ease of use for the account holder
  • Easy to understand for the account holder
  • Safe for the account holder


PayPal should generate an account number that can only be used to move money into an account, but cannot be exploited in a way to move money out.


  • How many tax refund checks are issued per year?
    • Including people that had direct deposit set up previously?
      • These people may find PayPal to be an easier and safer way to get their money back this year.
  • How many PayPal users are there?
    • Assuming that this market is mature and that increasing business and value delivered to current customers is more important than new customer acquisition.
  • Does PayPal effectively communicate with their users?
    • Email
    • Mail (USPS)
    • Digital ads
    • Blog

Note: Perhaps I am playing it too safe, but sharing my banking info with too many entities seems increasingly risky that a someone may exploit my account.

Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments –

The project, which is in its early stages, would allow holders of Citigroup-issued debit and credit cards to pay for purchases by activating a mobile-payment application developed for one current model and many coming models of Android phones. The idea is to turn the phones into a kind of electronic wallet.

via Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments –

When will a phone be able hold a copy of your valid drivers licence and be legal?

Startup Weekend Kalamazoo – BeerForTextbooks – #swkzoo

Out in Kalamazoo this weekend there is a Startup Weekend event.

One of the more interesting ideas from this event that became a website is beerfortextbooks. It is also sometimes seen as beer4textbooks. It appears that the idea is to create a marketplace where people can find what buyers, usually large book sellers, are paying for the book the student is done with and selling.

College students understand beer and the price of it. This website converts the used book marketplace price into units of beer. It’s my assumption that is to make the site fun, unique and or different from similar websites. There was some chatter from at least one ad person that I consider to be knowledgeable and respected in the industry. They acknowledged the idea and expressed interest in it. One never knows where that will lead.

Below is a partial screen shot of the results for a book I found on Amazon and submitted to see if and how the system worked. Results were Google like. The result below seemed to appear in just a second or two.


Book used: Campbell Biology (9th Edition) [Hardcover]

Facebook Ad in Gmail


Clicking leads to this URL.


Full URL is below.

*This was seen in the Foursquare notification email filter page of Gmail.

Questions for thought

How many people in the US over the age of 13 do not yet have a Facebook account?

Is this still a market big enough for Facebook to place ads against?

Is Facebook finding people who join via Gmail ads to be profitable?

Are they using a lifetime customer value as part of their customer acquisition strategy?

  • If so, what is the time frame they are looking at?