Nov 082018

There’s a lot of money at stake.

Since being released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has reportedly made $6 billion, which is more than any film in history.
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*Interesting read. Laws and how they are interpreted are important.

Nov 072018

FOCUS-Ahold ups stakes in US grocery war with mini-“robot supermarkets” –

“Grocery group Ahold Delhaize will roll out small, automated warehouses to speed order picking and cut delivery times, Reuters has learned, as it revamps its ecommerce business in response to rising competition in a fast-growing sector.”

*Change is coming to how food retail interacts with the consumer. 

Nov 042018

Rural America’s Own Private Flint: Polluted Water Too Dangerous to Drink – The New York Times:

“There are no precise water-quality surveys of the galaxy of private wells that serve 43 million people in the United States, but sampling by the United States Geological Survey has found contamination in about one of every five wells.”

*Worthy read.

Nov 042018

Can You Curate a Town? – The New York Times:

“Curating a town as one might an art collection — or in latter days, a party or store — is not a lonely pursuit. Wealthy individuals like Mr. Resnick, well-funded nonprofits and even corporations like Walmart have begun buying deserted American main streets, hoping to reinvent them with a fresh aesthetic.”

*Intersting. How many geographic locations are available? Can they be made into magnets for people that will then need products and services that must be created and delivered locally? What is the population density or population needed to make a place economically viable? How many places require tourism as a major plank? Can this place have some other major attraction that can bring people to there? Perhaps great outdoor scenery and weather …

Nov 042018

The screenshot image below is from Dent Reality.

It seems they are working on some interesting Augmented Reality technology. Someone is going to make something that creates consumer and retailer value. If you visit their site hopefully you can see a video of the demo the screenshot was from.


AR in Retail

Nov 042018

Jeff Raider on Founding Warby Parker and Harry’s – The New York Times:

“Jeff Raider on Founding Warby Parker and Harry’s First, eyeglasses. Now, shaving. Mr. Raider, a co-founder of two powerful direct-to-consumer brands, says change happens faster than we think.”

*Interesting short interview. Didn’t know of the Warby Parker and Harry’s connection previously.