Attention Grabbing Ad


Talk about an interruption ad. This one interrupts before you even have a chance to start reading the paper.

  • It got noticed
  • First reaction, this looks dumb, who would put an ad right on the product?
    • It was super simple to remove. +1
  • Whoever made the actual peal sticker marketing product seems to have done a good job.
    • Fast and easy removal is critical to not make the customer angry

Facebook Ad in Gmail


Clicking leads to this URL.


Full URL is below.

*This was seen in the Foursquare notification email filter page of Gmail.

Questions for thought

How many people in the US over the age of 13 do not yet have a Facebook account?

Is this still a market big enough for Facebook to place ads against?

Is Facebook finding people who join via Gmail ads to be profitable?

Are they using a lifetime customer value as part of their customer acquisition strategy?

  • If so, what is the time frame they are looking at?

Rent a Movie – Before It’s In Theatres – iTunes

As I was checking the weather radar this evening I noticed an ad at the bottom of the page, see banner images at the bottom of each of the images nearby. Apparently the iTunes Store from Apple will rent movies before they hit the theatre. There is a bit of a price premium, but if more than one person was going to the theatre, the $9.99 price to see it early is cheaper in most cases.

This could become an interesting play on exclusivity. The question I have is, is there a limit on the total number of households that can buy in on this deal? Some amount of exclusivity might drive word-of-mouth especially if there is a number that continues to fall towards zero as people buy the offer from iTunes.



What if people could buy in on this even after it is in theatrical release for the same price …

  • Would total revenue be higher because of this unique distribution model?
  • Will more seats be sold in theatres because this distribution model starts a conversation?

Hopefully this is an issue to revisit in April as the movie is in theatres.


Movie: Ceremony via

This bottom banner as was seen in the AccuWeather app for iPad on March 10, 2011.

Gmail–Job Ad–No Jobs Listed

While checking email this evening I noticed a job ad at the top of the Gmail inbox. See image nearby. So, I think maybe I’ll know someone that might be a fit, I click on the ad and end up at the page below, there are no jobs listed.

Ad in Gmail


Ad link destination


Perhaps the job listings were down for the moment. You might try the link above the screenshot later to see if the jobs are correctly displayed.

If the jobs are not showing because there are no job opening, there is money being wasted on advertising. Perhaps this is a ruse where hungry job seekers seek a job, none are listed and highly interested people take action. Some things they might consider are as follows.

  • Email the firm inquiring about jobs
  • Check their LinkedIn account for connections to the firm
    • Take action based on findings
  • Calling the firm cold and having a story that is interesting and compelling to the gatekeeper who answers.

Sometimes firms place barriers in the way to filter out candidates. If small barriers prevent further action, that candidate is probably not suitable for the job.