Jun 112020

Starbucks will close up to 400 stores over the next 18 months while also expanding curbside pickup, Drive-Thru and mobile-only pickup locations.

— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/money/food/2020/06/10/coronavirus-starbucks-closing-stores-expanding-mobile-only-options/5332786002/

*interesting way to reduce store footprint, rent cost. What is lost in Starbucks not actually being a third place to sit and enjoy the company of others? Maybe they will redesign parking lots to be a lot nicer. If you have design ideas for making parking lots more welcoming get to making lots of plans.

If no cafe there there is no indoor coworking space. Certainly not having the clean the cafe is a cost savings. Not having to handle and process payments between two people is helpful too.

Mar 142016

RetailWire Discussion: McD’s first loyalty program will come with free fries:

“My Starbucks Rewards has 11.1 million members”

*Interesting. First time I’ve seen a number for this.

Aug 162015

Why Starbucks Prices Went Up as Coffee Beans Got Cheaper – The New York Times:

“‘mobile payments now represent 20 percent of all in-store transactions in our U.S. stores, more than double the figure from only two years ago.’ I use an iPhone app to pay these days: It’s easy to transfer money without noticing the cost.


*The cost disconnect for customers who don’t pay with cash. This leads to less price sensitivity.