Sep 122016

September 12, 2016

2:01:40 PM

Compressed Learning

Pick up to six topics or areas of interest. Each day there will be some learning and engagement with the areas you have chosen. You can even plan in an exercise period if you like.

You will be amazed at how much you can learn in these short bursts of time. Focus and interest make a huge impact on totality of what you learn.

2:04:34 PM

Jan 082014

Dear RunKeeper,

I’ve been thinking of how to get a little more value out of RunKeeper. I was thinking it would be cool to have a way to add a pair of shoes as equipment. It’s my understanding that shoes wear out after so many miles. Perhaps even weather conditions play a part too.

Here’s the idea…

Add Shoes

Estimated Distance on Shoes to start? (usually this will be zero.)

Then as people do their runs RunKeeper can keep track of miles, similar to how an odometer keeps a log of miles on automobiles. If weather is a factor in shoe longevity perhaps RunKeeper can use location data that the user has alloweed RunKeeper to collect to get local weather data. Is it cold? How cold? Is it raining? … Those are some factors that may impact suggested length of service for shoes when running. There might also be some cool graphs that could include shoe data as well.

Shoes in good condition prevent injuries.

Spending money at the right time feels good. My shoes are worn out, it’s time to replace them.

RunKeeper can ask the user if they want to participate in a referral purchase program. Some people buy replacement shoes online and some buy them at a local shop.

One more thing. Please consider allowing people to include shoe purchase data as a part of a shoe history locker. Brand, Model Number, Size, Price and Vendor/Store.



Aug 282013

August 28, 2013

What are you learning about?

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3


Imagine if each of these topics were things like George Washington, Auto Repair and Modern Literature. What is there was a service that did something magical and found relevant information about your topics and sent it to your Instapaper account?


*Just read a post on Quora about how a Wikipedia app is one of over 100 apps that use the Instapaper API.


Now, open Instapaper and read content that will help you learn about your topics faster.

Wonder if this exists already. If so, is this not a job enough people need done or is there a communication issue that prevents people from knowing about this solution?

May 212013


Are there any iOS apps that support the WordPress app?

Would love to be reading feeds, then taking some text and using the action button to send data to the WordPress app for post composition.

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Wonder if this exists already.

Oct 282012

My library of physical books is probably ranges in the two or three hundred units. On top of that, my audio book collection is probably approaching fifty.

Here’s the issue, sometimes you read or listen to a book and want to reference it later. How do you know which book it was? Well, it looks like Google can help. As part of their books search service you can create your own library. Think of this as virtual shelves that you can limit a google search to. Sort of how using site:webURL in a regular Google search allows on to search an individual website.

Well, I’ve tried this with a few books on my virtual shelves an have found it useful. It will take quite a bit of time to get all my books on my virtual shelves. It will probably be a good idea to commit to adding a few books everyday.

Wish there was a way to just scan the barcodes from the books onto my Google Books bookshelves. Oh well, this might be a really powerful tool to have, especially if you read a lot of books and want to refer back to the source material.

Jun 272012


June 27, 2012
11:46 AM

Looking for …????

A person that will give an oral presentation with multimedia support about the history of Detroit. This will cover the beginning of the city formation.

What are the benefits of this location? Still relevant?

Projections of future possibilities.
Inspiration for people to dream, start conversations and get people moving to make Detroit Great in the future.

Huge opportunity…

Lots of open spaces
Low cost of land acquisition.

Region has smart and talented people. The need is to create a place where these people can come together to create.

Serendipity of people… Bring the right people together at the right time, BOOM! Something beautiful can start.

An IDEA → REALITY. ← MORE IDEAS, More improvements in reality. Ideas and improvement leads to opportunity.

Value creation.

11:52 AM


NOTES: This was written as an idea for a presentation by a person to give to 50 +/- 40 people. Inspired while reading the Wikipedia page for Detroit. The post was written with a flow of thoughts. Little editing was done. It is mostly typed as the ideas appeared to me. 

The idea is that there are things we can learn from the past about the present and how to make a better future.

Value creation: Read this as being jobs for people and organizations. Jobs to be done if you will. Some things need to be done but the people needing it done don’t know it yet. It’s up to creators to build first and create value and thereby spur demand from customers. 

We don’t know who the RIGHT people are in advance. 

May 112012


First time I’ve seen a weather app include an Amber Alert as part of a warning system. Probably a good use of notifications. Most people probably have a weather alert set for where they live. I don’t live near Chicago so this update was not helpful.

What would be cool is if people who have location services turned on for weather and perhaps other apps could be sent a push notification based on proximity to an event. Think about that, what if there was an “eyes open” (could be called Heads Up) app that gave you a push notification if something serious occurred near your location. Think bank heist or armed robbery. Maybe those are not the best examples. There could be a significant amount of liability.  An app like this might be perfect for law enforcement. Sort of a way to send push notifications to nearby jurisdictions. On-duty and off-duty police would probably love to have an app like this. It should probably have a link to email a note or picture to the appropriate investigating agency. Or, it could include a phone number or numbers to report what one saw.

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