Marvin Creamer, a Mariner Who Sailed Like the Ancients, Dies at 104 – The New York Times

Marvin Creamer, a Mariner Who Sailed Like the Ancients, Dies at 104 – The New York Times:

“Under cloud-massed skies, he could divine his location from the color and temperature of the water, the presence of particular birds and insects and even, on one occasion, the song of a squeaky hatch.

Skills like these, he long maintained, had let the master mariners of antiquity answer the seafarer’s ever-present, life-or-death question — Where am I? — and in so doing sail safely round the world.”


“It is believed that we rounded the Horn at noon yesterday and have amended our longitude accordingly. We were not able to sight any landmarks so have based our conclusion on (1) the presence of an extremely cold north wind of relatively short duration, and (2) the change of water color from blue to a fairly dark, transparent green to a lighter, less transparent green and back to a quite dark transparent green as we proceeded from west to east at an estimated latitude of 56°55’.”


On one occasion they sat, becalmed, bothered and bewildered, until his geographer’s ears came to their aid. As the wind started up again, a crew member happened to open a hatch. It emitted a loud squeak.
That sound told Professor Creamer unequivocally in which direction the boat was facing: Only dry air from the Antarctic, he knew, would have caused it. Moist air from the opposite direction would have lubricated the hatch, yielding a more congenial noise.


On May 13, 1984, as the Globe Star negotiated the Atlantic, the crew received a visit from a housefly. They recognized it at once as a humble emissary from land. Sure enough, they arrived back at Cape May four days later.

Where to Invest

November 22, 2013
2:09:46 PM

Found this in the highlights of a Kindle book I was reading.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

Review your highlights from Kindle books at

If you highlight too much of a text you will loose the ability to see the early highlights this way. I saved highlights to a personal Evernote file, one per book. That way if the highlights become inaccessable this way I have the early highlights already saved in a file I can review in it’s entirety any time I want.

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Google Books – Your Library of Information – Recall

My library of physical books is probably ranges in the two or three hundred units. On top of that, my audio book collection is probably approaching fifty.

Here’s the issue, sometimes you read or listen to a book and want to reference it later. How do you know which book it was? Well, it looks like Google can help. As part of their books search service you can create your own library. Think of this as virtual shelves that you can limit a google search to. Sort of how using site:webURL in a regular Google search allows on to search an individual website.

Well, I’ve tried this with a few books on my virtual shelves an have found it useful. It will take quite a bit of time to get all my books on my virtual shelves. It will probably be a good idea to commit to adding a few books everyday.

Wish there was a way to just scan the barcodes from the books onto my Google Books bookshelves. Oh well, this might be a really powerful tool to have, especially if you read a lot of books and want to refer back to the source material.

Tweets of the book: Swim With The Sharks

Notes from the book Swim With The Sharks by Harvey Mackay

The posts below were originally tweets. I used the site TweetStats to pull them together by hashtag.  They are in reverse order here. Tons of knowledge nuggets from a book written more than 20 years ago. This book should be required reading.

“No company has a permanent consumer franchise.” #swts88 (p. 273)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The people who make it big are the ones who fix it before it’s broke.” #swts88 (p. 257)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“No one wants it if it’s too easy to get; if they can’t get it, if it’s in demand, then everyone wants it.” #swts88 (p. 239)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“You’ve got to have more than one good idea. Once is not enough.” #swts88 (p. 224)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“A firm with morale problems is usually a choice target for aggressive competition.” #swts88 (p. 217)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Work half days every day. And it doesn’t matter which half … the first twelve hours or the second twelve hours.” #swts88 (p. 180)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Entrepreneurs scratch before they itch. They dare to fix things before they break …” #swts88 (p. 177)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Efficiency achieved at the expense of creativity is counterproductive.” #swts88 (p. 158)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The way you pay your bills says something about the kind of person you are to deal with.” #swts88 (p. 143)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“If you expect the other guy to care about you, show that you care about him.” #swts88 (p. 142)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The key to keeping the ideas flowing is an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to contribute.” #swts88 (p. 129)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“… what people are looking for isn’t only money, it’s recognition, appreciation, and creative freedom.” #swts88 (p. 129)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“… our real capacity far exceeds the average expectations others have for us.” #swts88 (p. 75)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Knowing what to do isn’t enough if you haven’t developed the self-discipline to do it.” #swts88 (p. 73)

3 months ago from SocialScope

Knowing you customer means … ? Complete this phrase. *also found in #swts88 (p. 42)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The mark of a pro is getting the reorder.” #swts88 (p. 29)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Most business problems can be solved if you can teach yourself to look beyond the dollar sign.” #swts88 (p. 28)

3 months ago from SocialScope

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