Words With Web 3’s King: An Interview With Chris Dixon – by Sotonye – Time Well Spent

Words With Web 3’s King: An Interview With Chris Dixon – by Sotonye – Time Well Spent:

We are very early in the development of the internet. Historically, with really major tech breakthroughs, in the first few decades you get first-order effects. The first order effect of the automobile was getting you from one place to another faster. But the really profound things happened in the next phase from second-order effects: suburbs, commuting, highways, trucking, fast food and big box retail, eventually e-commerce, ride sharing, and so on. We are just now entering the second order effects phase of the internet, and it will take many decades to play out.

*Looks interesting

Phone Hacks Can Happen to Anyone. Here’s How to Protect Yourself. – The New York Times

Phone Hacks Can Happen to Anyone. Here’s How to Protect Yourself. – The New York Times:

“Vacations, in general, are fraught with risk. The hotel Wi-Fi network should never be used, because it exposes your devices to hacking. Use the hot spot on your phone instead, and never log into your financial accounts on a public network.

Some Wi-Fi hotel networks are outright fakes.”

*Lots of interesting information in full article.

How a Search for New Talent Has Shaped American Science – WSJ


The Internet allows easy access to information at the frontiers of knowledge, and modern technology helps to put the gathering and analysis of data within the reach of modest budgets.

*Expanded opportunity for many more people. You can learn a lot with a very modest budget it you invest in Internet access and invest time exploring. 

Power to the public

Power to the public:

So now companies don’t just need to hire people to watch Twitter and blogs and put out fires. Now they have to fear that their abusive policies will become the subject of large-scale, instant protests.

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What company or organization will be destroyed by customers who mass cancel their accounts? This will happen someday, probably in the next ten years. Some firms live on the cash flows monthly subscribers pay them.

You have a real problem If your customers loath your organization. New options are becoming available. Some customers will do without, rather that do business with you. A good example of this is people canceling home cable TV service and not replacing it with satellite TV. These people are likely choosing video programming from the Internet. It’s also possible that they are watching over the air HD broadcasts. The power to disrupt that is broadband Internet is hard to over estimate. Many new services will come about as more people have broadband at home. Faster speeds will also enable new businesses. Old ones will decline and some will be eliminated. Online data backup might disrupt the external hard drive industry in the not to distant future.

Skype and Qik Sitting in a Tree …

Around mid day on Thursday (1/6/2011) there were rumors floating around that Skype (an Internet telephony, instant messaging and video chat client) would be acquiring Qik (a live streaming video technology service). Apparently this was more than a rumor (See Mashable). This will make an interesting marriage.

Could see Skype creating live video channels that use Qik to stream and store data (AKA: Programs). Skype may integrate it with their IM client as well.

A few thoughts:

  • Favorite shows. This would allow for later viewing.
  • Recording of live chats (people use Skype for creating video netcasts, see TWiT and Andrew Warner interviews on his Mixergy site.)
  • The ability to chat and share a stream in real-time with friends.