Dec 182019

Seth’s Blog:

“But the most reliably successful people I know are precisely the opposite. They are desperate to see and know what’s making other people tick. They actively engage, and they do it with empathy and generosity.”

*Surely this is a better path even if one never becomes hyper successful. It’s just a better way of operating.

Dec 182019

How self-driving car tech could help drones monitor power lines:

“California has more than 150,000 miles of overhead power lines. Drones searching for downed lines could inspect the system a lot faster than human counterparts and alert crews to where they’re needed. “

Dec 152019

Sound waves used to separate microplastics from laundry wastewater:

“In lab tests, the BAW setup was found to capture 95 percent of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fibers, and 99 percent of Nylon 6 fibers. Before the system can enter production, though, the fiber-separation process needs to be speeded up, as it would currently take washing machines quite a long time to drain.”

*Interesting advancement.

Dec 152019

What 23andMe and other genetic testing tools can do with your data – Vox:

“companies with fewer than 15 people are exempt from this rule, as are life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance companies — all of which can request genetic testing as part of their application process. “