IPhone Folders – App Management

Below are the first four screens from my iPhone. Folders are created in what one might call a job to be done fashion. For example, music related apps are in folders not surprisingly called Music, Music 2 and Music 3. See image two below.

Images below are in order from left to right from the device.  





Not shown are screens five through eight. These pages are all individual apps that either don’t fit my job to be done methodology or don’t have a clear mission. In the case of page eight, that’s for apps that are pending deletion.

Note: Sometimes I call them screens and sometimes pages. Hopefully the that does not prove confusing. They are essentially the same thing. It just seems easier to use one term over the other in certain sentences.

Edge Case Features

May 14, 2012
12:15 PM
Edge case features.

A feature that a small, very small subset of people would love your app to have. Uncommon request.

Maybe this is one of the ways to stand out in a crowded market.

Also, this feature might be totally awesome if more people saw it in use and understood the value created by a seemingly off the wall feature request.

Who would want that feature?

Ohhhhhhhh, oh, WOW!

12:17 PM


Note: The above was inspired by a conversation that Marco Arment, @marcoarment, and Dan Benjamin, @danbenjamin, were having early in the live broadcast of Build and Analyze episode 77.  <– Show notes should be available after the show is over.

Amber Alert in Weather App – Swackett


First time I’ve seen a weather app include an Amber Alert as part of a warning system. Probably a good use of notifications. Most people probably have a weather alert set for where they live. I don’t live near Chicago so this update was not helpful.

What would be cool is if people who have location services turned on for weather and perhaps other apps could be sent a push notification based on proximity to an event. Think about that, what if there was an “eyes open” (could be called Heads Up) app that gave you a push notification if something serious occurred near your location. Think bank heist or armed robbery. Maybe those are not the best examples. There could be a significant amount of liability.  An app like this might be perfect for law enforcement. Sort of a way to send push notifications to nearby jurisdictions. On-duty and off-duty police would probably love to have an app like this. It should probably have a link to email a note or picture to the appropriate investigating agency. Or, it could include a phone number or numbers to report what one saw.

IMG 3237