Oct 092013

Rally cry for sinking companies: “All hands on deck” by David of 37signals:

“But hey, at least we know now the pitch of the whistle that says its time to abandon ship. It’s ‘all hands on deck’.”

*A world of hurt directed at companies that are decreasing flexibility and freedom for their employees. 

People are the power that enables the firm to create value for customers. Why make it unpleasant to work for the firm? People that are creating value should be able to preserve their freedom. Workers that are not producing need to be coached, managed, or perhaps set free for other opportunites. 

Oct 042013

Rage Against the Algorithms – Nicholas Diakopoulos – The Atlantic:

“if you vary the inputs in enough different ways and pay close attention to the outputs, you can start piecing together some likeness for how the algorithm transforms each input into an output. The black box starts to divulge some secrets.”

*Algorithms. Worth learning about.