Sep 252011



Looks like there are just over 500 RSS subscribers to the Uncrunched website Michael Arrington, formerly of Tech Crunch, recently started. The image above was taken from a screenshot of Google Reader after I subscribed to the site.


Sep 122011


YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious –

“Ms. Fake said Delicious might attract a wider audience now that more people are accustomed to sharing links and information socially — something foreign to most people eight years ago.

“It didn’t quite get to the mainstream before,” she said, “but I’m optimistic that it can get there now.””


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Sharing and privacy were big barriers to mass adoption for sites like Delicious.

Sep 102011


Odd, there is no clear way to just display an authors books as available by format. In this case I was hoping to only see books that are available as Kindle ebooks.

Sep 102011


The Kindle reading network has some interesting possibilities.

  • Book clubs
  • Education: 
    • K-12,
    • College
    • University
    • Community Ed.

The key might be to arrange around some circle of relevance. Classes and topics make sense as these are areas one can identify interest in. How do you find areas of interest that are below the surface of consciousness? Perhaps this is solved by connecting with people from other networks something like a cross-pollination of interests.

Sep 102011

Canada Posts First Jobs Decline in Five Months – “Canada’s economy shed jobs for the first time in five months as the country’s unemployment rate rose to 7.3 percent from 7.2 percent in July”

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It appears that the headwinds that were challenging the USA have shifted North to Canada.

Sep 012011

Waffle House Index Measures Hurricane Recovery –

“In a recent academic paper, Panos Kouvelis, a business-school professor at Washington University in St. Louis, pegged Waffle House as one of the top four companies for disaster response, with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Home Depot Inc. and Lowe’s Cos”

Impressive. Would have never guessed Waffle House in the top five, much less the top ten.