Ebooks in Education – Amazon Kindle


Below is a screenshot of a webpage Amazon.com has for a finance book that presumably is used in colleges and universities.

There are more sections of highlighted text on the page that are not shown in the screenshot. The Public Notes section has no notes. The readers, students, could write in notes for a section of text and their notes would be easy to see on their own Notes page on the Amazon site. Notes they make public would presumably appear in this text box.

Screen shot 2011 04 17 at 11 32 44 AM

What would be interesting is if it would be possible to join a group, think class or book club, to read and share notes with. This could engage students and readers more. If half the class highlighted some text it would probably be worth talking about in class.  The notes people write would enable a better discussion because reader recall would presumably be faster when text the person wrote was presented. The internal database of the mind would be faster for searching and synthesizing the thoughts and ideas of the book and passages.


Link to the page for the book screenshot above. Perhaps more passages will be highlighted by the time you visit.


Signed by Author Ebooks?

Questions (for thought)

  1. What prevents ebooks from having special editions?
  2. Could there be a market for signed and limited editions for ebooks?


  1. Lack of imagination
  2. Yes. There is a market in there somewhere. Size is unknown and as far as I am aware no one is presently serving this market. Ebooks are a relatively new content distribution channel and have probably not hit the mainstream market yet.


Possible example of 1 of 1000. Suggest using the limited edition total as being between 1 and 10% of expected sales. There would be some sort of price premium for the limited edition, but there could be other perks in addition to the satisfaction of having it.

Behind the cover in the ebook would be a special limited edition page that would have the edition number, EG: 147 of 1,ooo,  and a signature of the author.