Jan 202012

This is no time to be outside. Just got back from a one mile run and as I was coming down to the last quarter mile or so; the realization that it was really cold outside came to mind. With that, the realization that there are people outside in this cold, not by choice, because they are homeless really brings their plight to light.


Jan 192012

Below is a screenshot of a Google search. As you might notice, the search terms are the same as the article I want to read. The Wall Street Journal includes short snippet articles in their RSS feeds. Sometimes these are interesting articles and I want to read the whole thing after reading the one or two paragraphs you can see without being a subscriber. Usually, you can copy and paste the full headline in to the Google search box, you will probably get a page similar to the one below. The link in the search result acts as something of a referral link and should allow access to the full article. A few times I tried this it didn’t work.

Google Search Results Page

Jan 192012

Screenshot below is of visitor country according to Google Analytics. This is for the past 30 days or so.

Lots of interesting places.

Site Traffic by Country

Jan 192012

According to the graphic LinkedIn included in an email they sent to me, 7% fewer people are listing merchandising as a skill on their profile.

Wonder if there were a substantial number of people who moved on to other career opportunities and no longer want this on their profile.

LinkedIn Merchandising Graphic

Jan 132012

If search engines are nearly at parity in terms of quality and people have preferences based on how results are displayed…

It is worth exploring the possible addition of templates for how search results are displayed.

Not everybody sees information the same. Some people like more spacing so they can read and comprehend what they see.

Jan 072012

PayPal Launches Pilot In-Store Payment Service:

PayPal, the electronic-payments division of eBay, said it is testing an in-store payment system with Home Depot that allows shoppers to purchase items without cash or a conventional credit card.

(Via WSJ.com: US Business)


This is a development worth watching. Retailers are pushing back on interchange fees and there is an opportunity for new ideas to take hold with some big players.

Prediction: Disruption to the credit card payment system is coming.