One Founder Told Me He Wanted to Overpay His Employees. So We Invested. | Hunter Walk

One Founder Told Me He Wanted to Overpay His Employees. So We Invested. | Hunter Walk:

“Ultimately whether it’s through regulation or competition I don’t think optimizing for just the lowest possible labor cost at the expense of service and expertise is sustainable for many of these marketplaces or on-demand services. My guess is the first place it shows up is in the app store ratings and NPS scores of those companies who grind workers up, weak economy or strong.”

*Delivering exceptional value drives success. A higher (labor) cost can provide higher value so that there is no negative bottom line impact for the supplier.  

Instapaper Premium – Three Great Features


Instapaper Premium











These are three great features of Instapaper Premium.


Full-text search. What articles I have saved mentioned “_____”?

Highlighting of passages without limits. It would be really cool if they created a synopsis at the top before the article with all the highlighted passages. Consider this a feature request.

Text-To-Speech. Listen to articles or listen and read at the same time. Might be helpful for kids too.

A Rare Book

This is a book I want to read but which is currently rather expensive. This was the top item after sorting for lowest total price. 

No Hands the Rise and Fall of the Schwinn Bicycle Company an American Institution AbeBooks













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