Kevin Fox’s Offer to Google Reader

Kevin Fox’s Offer to Google Reader:

Is there anyone, anywhere, who thinks the new Google Reader is an improvement?

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The guy behind the Reeder app is probably very happy with it.


iPhone, iPad and Mac versions.

I bought the Mac version for $9.99 about 24 hours ago. So far I am very happy with it. Am considering the iPhone version for $2.99.

Top Blogs in Google Reader – Shared Posts



Above is a screenshot of the reading trends from Google Reader for my account. In particular, it shows the ranking of blogs that I share with other people on Google Reader. If I had to eliminate the bottom 90% of the blogs I subscribe to, these would all be in the 10% I keep.

Regarding the “Twitter / Favorites from Admore”, that is a feed of tweets I’ve added to favorites and consider sharing with people in Google Reader. In this way, I can share funny, amusing and informational tweets with people who most certainly have not seen them.

Personal Search Engine – (PSE) – Find Things

While looking for a twitter name that was hard to spell I decided to search Google Reader for a term that might have been used. Last I recall, there were a few Twitter feeds coming in to Google Reader. One is tweets marked as favorites and there is or was one for @ replies to my account. The hope was that the person using Twitter I was looking for used the word “Biggby” (coffee chain here in Michigan) in a message to me. As of this post the search continues, but the reason behind this post is that you can use Google Reader as a personal search engine (PSE) that will search all the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you subscribe to. This would be similar to searching a single site using the advanced search features of Google but doing it for hundreds of sites that you subscribe to via RSS.

The search continues …

*The person I am looking for is on Skype and is logged in. Status is marked as do not disturb and in any case I want to learn how to find what I am looking for faster and more effectively using tools that are available. Will try Greplin next.

**Greplin came through after just two attempts.

Google Reader Says



Would have never guessed that I consumed that many. Now that I think about it, there was a time when I would read or view a few thousand posts a day. That went on for a few months. That was a time between jobs that lasted longer than I would like, lots of time was spent reading posts.

Note: Many of these posts were jobs. There was a time when using the RSS feature from was very useful.

Reading Blogs

Several weeks ago I made the choice to read more blog posts. Before I could do that I had to clear out quite a few RSS feeds that were no longer relevant. Below is a chart of the recent activity in Google Reader. The blue bars represent posts that came in and the orange bars represent my use of Google Reader to consume content.


Also, note the large increase in the number of posts that come in daily. More feeds have been added since many of the high volume low value feeds were removed.

How many blogs do you subscribe to?

How often do you read blogs?