Personal Search Engine – (PSE) – Find Things

While looking for a twitter name that was hard to spell I decided to search Google Reader for a term that might have been used. Last I recall, there were a few Twitter feeds coming in to Google Reader. One is tweets marked as favorites and there is or was one for @ replies to my account. The hope was that the person using Twitter I was looking for used the word “Biggby” (coffee chain here in Michigan) in a message to me. As of this post the search continues, but the reason behind this post is that you can use Google Reader as a personal search engine (PSE) that will search all the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you subscribe to. This would be similar to searching a single site using the advanced search features of Google but doing it for hundreds of sites that you subscribe to via RSS.

The search continues …

*The person I am looking for is on Skype and is logged in. Status is marked as do not disturb and in any case I want to learn how to find what I am looking for faster and more effectively using tools that are available. Will try Greplin next.

**Greplin came through after just two attempts.

Skype and Qik Sitting in a Tree …

Around mid day on Thursday (1/6/2011) there were rumors floating around that Skype (an Internet telephony, instant messaging and video chat client) would be acquiring Qik (a live streaming video technology service). Apparently this was more than a rumor (See Mashable). This will make an interesting marriage.

Could see Skype creating live video channels that use Qik to stream and store data (AKA: Programs). Skype may integrate it with their IM client as well.

A few thoughts:

  • Favorite shows. This would allow for later viewing.
  • Recording of live chats (people use Skype for creating video netcasts, see TWiT and Andrew Warner interviews on his Mixergy site.)
  • The ability to chat and share a stream in real-time with friends.