Aug 212015

Making the iPhone camera accessible for the blind | iMore:

“VoiceOver will then use face detection to tell you how many people are in the frame. It will also say if a face is small, and where in the frame a face or faces are located incase you want to try and better center them. When you move, it will tell you the new framing, so you can figure out if you’re getting closer to the shot you want.”

*Amazing what accessability can do. 

Aug 162015

Why Starbucks Prices Went Up as Coffee Beans Got Cheaper – The New York Times:

“‘mobile payments now represent 20 percent of all in-store transactions in our U.S. stores, more than double the figure from only two years ago.’ I use an iPhone app to pay these days: It’s easy to transfer money without noticing the cost.


*The cost disconnect for customers who don’t pay with cash. This leads to less price sensitivity.