#Breakfastup: Year End Tweetup at Zeff’s in Eastern Market (Detroit, MI)

Today, Friday December 31, 2010 there was a breakfast tweetup in Eastern Market (Detroit, MI). We met at Zeff’s Coney Island around 9 AM.

Attendees included: @3sixteenweb @divinemsmel @Wattyz @digitalvision @Admore @TJList @davidlingholm (& wife) @noisyzen @guinnessatticus

Think that’s everyone.

Some of use were there until noon or 1pm. Don’t recall the actual time the four of us left. We headed to the R. Hirt Jr. Co. and Cost Plus Wine Shoppe.

There were a few pictures taken. ¬†Perhaps those will appear in a post next year. ūüėČ

Books Completed in 2010

This year I completed the reading of thirty books. They are on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in the order they were completed from left to right.

  1. The Art of The Start
  2. Getting Real
  3. Unleashing The Ideavirus
  4. Radical Careering
  5. The 1% Windfall
  6. Linchpin
  7. The 22 Irrefutable Laws of Branding
  8. Borrowing Brilliance
  9. Thought Leaders: Insights on The Future of Business
  10. The Open Brand
  11. Hackers & Painters
  12. Drive
  13. Built to Last
  14. Valley Boy
  15. Free Prize inside
  16. Small Giants
  17. Delivering Happiness
  18. Swim With The Sharks
  19. Whale Done
  20. The Long Tail
  21. The Art of Non-Conformity
  22. Unmarketing
  23. Project 50
  24. American Steel
  25. Bo’s Lasting Lessons
  26. Angel Customers & Demon Customers
  27. Rework
  28. Serious Play
  29. Mirror Worlds
  30. The New Rules of marketing & PR

One of the things I realized in the past few days is that the number of books to be read is at about 60. These are books I’ve bought and want to read. More books are on the way too. ¬†A soft target of 60 books for 2011 seems unreasonable, but I’d like to go for it. If 52 are read that will be a win. 39 or fewer completed would be a disappointment. ¬†It will probably be a good idea to start reading the next book tomorrow, Saturday January 1, 2011.

Commentary – Internet game-playing as motivational tool – latimes.com

“…this winter Vail Resorts is launching Epic Mix, a program to gamify skiing. A radio frequency chip inside your lift ticket is sensed by 90 gates spread across Vail’s resorts, recording where you’ve skied and how many vertical feet you’ve racked up. The entire mountain becomes a game board on which you can earn points or surprise pins and share your achievements with Facebook friends.

via Internet game-playing as motivational tool – latimes.com

A rather interesting article about Foursquare and other location and checkin applications.  It might be kind of cool to see what courses one skied down during a trip. This kind of data could be incorporated in to apps like Memolane in the future. Geo and checkin data will be used by more and more people in the future. Many of the pictures I have in Flickr have data stamps. These data stamps tell a story when placed on a timeline. When there is Foursquare checkin data to go along with it one can better recall and remember details of the people, places and events as they occurred.

Do you use and geo or checkin apps?

Which ones?

How do you find them useful?

Tweets of the book: Swim With The Sharks

Notes from the book Swim With The Sharks by Harvey Mackay

The posts below were originally tweets. I used the site TweetStats to pull them together by hashtag.  They are in reverse order here. Tons of knowledge nuggets from a book written more than 20 years ago. This book should be required reading.

“No company has a permanent consumer franchise.” #swts88 (p. 273)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The people who make it big are the ones who fix it before it’s broke.” #swts88 (p. 257)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“No one wants it if it’s too easy to get; if they can’t get it, if it’s in demand, then everyone wants it.” #swts88 (p. 239)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“You’ve got to have more than one good idea. Once is not enough.” #swts88 (p. 224)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“A firm with morale problems is usually a choice target for aggressive competition.” #swts88 (p. 217)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Work half days every day. And it doesn’t matter which half … the first twelve hours or the second twelve hours.” #swts88 (p. 180)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Entrepreneurs scratch before they itch. They dare to fix things before they break …” #swts88 (p. 177)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Efficiency achieved at the expense of creativity is counterproductive.” #swts88 (p. 158)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The way you pay your bills says something about the kind of person you are to deal with.” #swts88 (p. 143)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“If you expect the other guy to care about you, show that you care about him.” #swts88 (p. 142)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The key to keeping the ideas flowing is an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to contribute.” #swts88 (p. 129)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“… what people are looking for isn’t only money, it’s recognition, appreciation, and creative freedom.” #swts88 (p. 129)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“… our real capacity far exceeds the average expectations others have for us.” #swts88 (p. 75)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Knowing what to do isn’t enough if you haven’t developed the self-discipline to do it.” #swts88 (p. 73)

3 months ago from SocialScope

Knowing you customer means … ? Complete this phrase. *also found in #swts88 (p. 42)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“The mark of a pro is getting the reorder.” #swts88 (p. 29)

3 months ago from SocialScope

“Most business problems can be solved if you can teach yourself to look beyond the dollar sign.” #swts88 (p. 28)

3 months ago from SocialScope

via TweetStats :: for Admore.

Job Postings Surge as Economy Warms – WSJ.com

It said the number of U.S. job postings on the Internet rose to 4.7 million on Dec. 1, up from 2.7 million a year earlier. The company daily collects listings from corporate and job-posting websites, removing duplicates.

via Job Postings Surge as Economy Warms – WSJ.com.

Job postings on Indeed were up 74.07% from December 2009 to December 2010.

Lots of interesting data in the story. Add it to your suggested reading.


4.7 million – 2.7 million = +2 million

2 million / 2.7 million = 74.07%

Note from Post -> Holiday Stollen from Avalon | Detroit Girls About Town

Stop by Avalon Bakery at 422 W. Willis in Detroit’s Midtown area. The Stollen is only for the holidays, so get yours now. They have full loaves to share or small 5oz loaves for when you don’t want to.

via Holiday Stollen from Avalon | Detroit Girls About Town.

Note to self. Get to Avalon bakery this week or next. When traveling, bring the gift of food.