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“…this winter Vail Resorts is launching Epic Mix, a program to gamify skiing. A radio frequency chip inside your lift ticket is sensed by 90 gates spread across Vail’s resorts, recording where you’ve skied and how many vertical feet you’ve racked up. The entire mountain becomes a game board on which you can earn points or surprise pins and share your achievements with Facebook friends.

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A rather interesting article about Foursquare and other location and checkin applications.  It might be kind of cool to see what courses one skied down during a trip. This kind of data could be incorporated in to apps like Memolane in the future. Geo and checkin data will be used by more and more people in the future. Many of the pictures I have in Flickr have data stamps. These data stamps tell a story when placed on a timeline. When there is Foursquare checkin data to go along with it one can better recall and remember details of the people, places and events as they occurred.

Do you use and geo or checkin apps?

Which ones?

How do you find them useful?