Sep 292016

The Robots Are Coming for Investment Bankers, Not Just Truck Drivers

 “Maybe in ten years investment bankers will stand alongside truck drivers in discussions about safety nets, universal basic income and skills retraining.”

“The vulnerability of these jobs is due, in large part, to the easy availability and rapidly declining price of computing power, as well as the rise of ‘‘machine learning’’ software, like Kensho, that gathers and assimilates new information on its own.”

*Machine learning, automation and innovation will led to human disruption at a rapid pace, perhaps outpacing precious technological transformations. 

Nov 162015

The Auto Industry Won’t Create The Future — Backchannel — Medium:

“It’s true that Apple, Google, Uber and the many new upstarts working on the future of cars know nothing about the car business as practiced the last one hundred and seven years. The key here is that the future of the car business is going to be dramatically different than the past.”

*The new disruptors are coming and the incumbents will be in trouble if they can’t learn and change fast enough to survive.

Sep 252014

Combine Uber With Driverless Cars, and Nine Out of Ten Vehicles Become Obsolete | | Betabeat:

“… the system would replace about nine out of ten vehicles while “maintaining a reasonable level of service,” as measured by the time people spent waiting for a ride.

*This could be disruptive. Could see further consolidation amongst global auto manufactures in the years and decades ahead. The actual change could be a reduction of one car in ten or it could be as far out as eliminating ninety-nine of one hundred. Technology enables new things to happen.  

Apr 242014

Amazon’s Prime Pantry service lets you ship 45 pounds of groceries for a $6 fee: “Amazon’s dead-set on killing off the grocery store, with a same-day delivery service and even a Dash gadget for restocking items around the house. Now the retailer’s going one step further, taking on Costco and Walmart with a new program called Prime Pantry.”

(Via.) Techmeme 

*This could be the tip of the iceberg on how online retailing will change the game in the grocery business. 

I’ve been thinking about how packaging would change if it was not on store shelves needing to scream at customers as they wheel their cart around the store. Packaging could be designed to fit in and be combined in cubes that fit in standard box sizes. What items are bought together? Maybe these items would have packages that enable more efficient shipping.

Keep an eye out for packaging news from the food and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industries.


Feb 112014

Bijan Sabet — The “blah blah blah on steroids”:

“Redefining an experience in a unique way is how you beat the market leader. “



Jan 072012

PayPal Launches Pilot In-Store Payment Service:

PayPal, the electronic-payments division of eBay, said it is testing an in-store payment system with Home Depot that allows shoppers to purchase items without cash or a conventional credit card.

(Via US Business)


This is a development worth watching. Retailers are pushing back on interchange fees and there is an opportunity for new ideas to take hold with some big players.

Prediction: Disruption to the credit card payment system is coming.