Aug 242014 Article Center | Certifications—Now Available On Your LinkedIn Profile:

“If you’re a member of both and LinkedIn, when you complete a course on, you’ll receive an email with a link that lets you quickly and easily post your new certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile—adding depth and breadth to your online resume.”

*This isn’t why I rejoined Lynda but I heard about it a day or so after. Believe I heard about it on the Talk Show with John Gruber. This would seem to be valuable to Lynda members and to firms looking for people with particular skills. Perhaps LinkedIn will allow hiring managers, recruiters and other people looking to hire people with skills a way to find Lynda members.

Lookingforward to seeing what happens after my first certificate goes up on LinkedIn. 

Aug 102014

Apple iPhone Privacy Changes Lead to Layoffs at Retail Tracking Startup Nomi | Re/code:

… repeat visitor information was mainly gathered by keeping track of an iPhone’s MAC address — the 12-character identifier that is broadcast when a phone is searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks. The problem for Nomi, and others in the space, is that Apple will start randomizing that number in iOS8 …

*Things change.

Aug 052014

Fox News political analyst to speak at 2014 West Michigan Policy Forum |

“Other speakers on the agenda include Gov. Rick Snyder, author Ruby Payne and venture capitalist Brad Feld.”

*Which agressive Michigan entrepreneur will connect with Brad Feld at this event? Could see Brad writing about this 6 – 18 months after the fact. Make your own luck.

Aug 032014

Seth’s Blog: Short term, long term:

“If you want to reward (or punish) short-term behavior, don’t do it down the road. Advances turn more heads than royalty streams do. “

*Incentives matter.