Article Center | Certifications—Now Available On Your LinkedIn Profile Article Center | Certifications—Now Available On Your LinkedIn Profile:

“If you’re a member of both and LinkedIn, when you complete a course on, you’ll receive an email with a link that lets you quickly and easily post your new certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile—adding depth and breadth to your online resume.”

*This isn’t why I rejoined Lynda but I heard about it a day or so after. Believe I heard about it on the Talk Show with John Gruber. This would seem to be valuable to Lynda members and to firms looking for people with particular skills. Perhaps LinkedIn will allow hiring managers, recruiters and other people looking to hire people with skills a way to find Lynda members.

Lookingforward to seeing what happens after my first certificate goes up on LinkedIn. 

Startup Hires People On Autism Spectrum – Business Insider

Startup Hires People On Autism Spectrum – Business Insider:

“… has always believed that people with disabilities are likely to have hidden talents that others fail to notice.”


This reminds me of the book The Rare Find.

“… how to spot the ones who don’t look so good on paper but might still deliver extraordinary performance.”

Find talent and match it to the job to be done and have managers that effectively communicate with and inspire people with differing work styles.