Lee Kaufman, Who Cleaned Her Way to Late-Life Stardom, Dies at 99 – The New York Times

Lee Kaufman, Who Cleaned Her Way to Late-Life Stardom, Dies at 99 – The New York Times:

They were the pioneers in an advertising strategy for Swiffer built on ordinary people, rather than actors, and the public responded with adoration and a click count that soared into the millions.

A three-minute spot intended for the internet was produced and got such a response that it was carved up into shorter segments for social media and television commercials; a string of other Swiffer ads using ordinary people followed. The Kaufmans’ eureka moments in the bits were genuine enough — the couple said later that they’d been unaware of Swiffer products before the filming.

“The bottom line is, don’t die young,” she said. “There are too many things that can happen.”

Clubhouse, a Tiny Audio Chat App, Breaks Through – The New York Times

Clubhouse, a Tiny Audio Chat App, Breaks Through – The New York Times:

It was the kind of freewheeling and unpredictable event that has been happening around the clock on Clubhouse, an 11-month-old social media app that has exploded in popularity with the tastemakers of tech and popular culture and that is quickly becoming a town square for debates over free speech and politics.

They added a way for multiple speakers to broadcast at once and allowed people to bounce between digital rooms as if they were going from stage to stage at a music festival or business conference. To avoid overwhelming their start-up, they doled out invitations slowly.

*App to watch.

Follow Strategy – SoundCloud – Jordin Sparks

From an email from SoundCloud


Jordin Sparks started following you.

This means that Jordin Sparks will get updates about your public tracks and comments.
If you want to get updates on Jordin Sparks’s tracks and comments you can start following Jordin Sparks too.

Your host,

The SoundCloud WeatherMan


Well, I’ve heard of Jordin Sparks but I was not familiar with her music. Two songs are currently featured on the her SoundCloud page. Listened to both, subscribed and favorited both songs.

Looks like she recently joined and is using a follow first strategy to get noticed. A notification invitation ended up in my email and after listening to here songs I became a Follower on SoundCloud. It worked because the content shared was good and this is still the early days of SoundCloud.  If every Tom, Dick and Harry does this it will get annoying to have so many email notifications. At that point, those users will be marked as spam or the notifications feature in SoundCloud settings will be changed so I am not notified about requests or new followers.





Currently she has 71 Followers. *Actually 85 as I write this post. Just refreshed her Soundcloud page. How long will it take until she has 2,000?