Do Albums Drive Track Sales? +$6.93

Listening to Groove Salad on SomaFM is something that really makes my ears happy. A few minutes ago I was listening and the song Desert Storm by Nor Elle came on. It sounded good, so off to the iTunes music store I went. This song came back as being on the album Slapstick. Well, I decided to see what kind of vibe the other songs on the album gave off. Actually, I ended up buying 8 of the 14 songs. If these were not on an album it’s very unlikely that I would have bought more than just the song I came for.

Total Sale = $7.92

$6.93 in extra sales as a result of songs being part of an album collection.



Questions & Thoughts:

Will more artists release albums that have songs with a theme or connected sound? Could envision albums containing between 5 and 8 tracks.

Will people buy the entire album if they like just over half the songs? Perhaps they will buy to have the whole thing. Maybe they will buy to see if the songs that didn’t strike them on first listen grow on them. Perhaps more important is do albums get people to sample extra tracks and make a buy or not buy decision. Extra samples are like having more foot traffic in a retail store. The more traffic, the more sales.


Track numbers purchased were: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 13 & 14

Follow Strategy – SoundCloud – Jordin Sparks

From an email from SoundCloud


Jordin Sparks started following you.

This means that Jordin Sparks will get updates about your public tracks and comments.
If you want to get updates on Jordin Sparks’s tracks and comments you can start following Jordin Sparks too.

Your host,

The SoundCloud WeatherMan


Well, I’ve heard of Jordin Sparks but I was not familiar with her music. Two songs are currently featured on the her SoundCloud page. Listened to both, subscribed and favorited both songs.

Looks like she recently joined and is using a follow first strategy to get noticed. A notification invitation ended up in my email and after listening to here songs I became a Follower on SoundCloud. It worked because the content shared was good and this is still the early days of SoundCloud.  If every Tom, Dick and Harry does this it will get annoying to have so many email notifications. At that point, those users will be marked as spam or the notifications feature in SoundCloud settings will be changed so I am not notified about requests or new followers.





Currently she has 71 Followers. *Actually 85 as I write this post. Just refreshed her Soundcloud page. How long will it take until she has 2,000?



Four Firms to Watch in Consumer Technology

The four consumer technology and Internet firms to watch over the next five years and possibly beyond are, in no particular order.

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google

These firms are starting to have overlapping products and services.

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Social Services
  • Content Consumption … (New types may be created in the not to distant future)
  • Communications (Phone, IM, Email …)
  • Images / Photography
  • Community (similar to Social Services) [sort of like]
  • Cloud storage – Apple – iCloud, Google – Gdrive (?), Amazon – Cloud Drive



These firms have been competing in similar spaces for a while now. Apple has been selling music in the iTunes Music Store since April 2003 and Amazon has been selling MP3’s since September 2007. Google recently introduce Music Beta by Google.

Will Facebook get into streaming movies? They recently added Spotify integration to make their music offering more robust.

Amazon has a streaming movie service, Amazon Instant Video, and Google has YouTube. What will happen to Hulu? Will one of these four players make a move to buy it or create a strategic partnership?

Free Music – “SXSW Offers Free Festival Sampler on iTunes!”

Many bands played at the SXSW (South By SouthWest) festival in Austin, Texas. There is free music from twenty or so artists via the iTunes store.

See the post on the SXSW blog.

Below is a screenshot from iTunes as I downloaded all the tracks. believe I did this as the album and not as individual downloads. You can preview all the tracks and just download the ones you like too.