Ask Ariely: On Gifting Gratitude and Requesting Reply – Dan Ariely

Ask Ariely: On Gifting Gratitude and Requesting Reply – Dan Ariely:

I gave them a pull down menu with options that ranged from “drop everything and answer me now” to “by the end of the day” to “by the end of the week,” to “by the end of the month,” and I also added an option I was most curious about, which was “no response necessary.” It was surprising to me how many emails were in the “no response necessary” category (about 20%) and more surprising how few emails were in the “drop everything and answer me now” category (about 2%).

*Interesting idea. This test gave insights one may not know about. 

The Kalamazoo X Conference – How Did I Hear About This?

Thought it might be worth documenting how a Lanyrd email from a few days ago became my path to awareness about the Kalamazoo X Conference (Saturday, April 21, 2012). Lanyrd is a way to see which of your online (and possibly real) friends are attending or speaking at an event.

More information about the Kalamazoo X Conference can be found here and here.


Four Firms to Watch in Consumer Technology

The four consumer technology and Internet firms to watch over the next five years and possibly beyond are, in no particular order.

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google

These firms are starting to have overlapping products and services.

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Social Services
  • Content Consumption … (New types may be created in the not to distant future)
  • Communications (Phone, IM, Email …)
  • Images / Photography
  • Community (similar to Social Services) [sort of like]
  • Cloud storage – Apple – iCloud, Google – Gdrive (?), Amazon – Cloud Drive



These firms have been competing in similar spaces for a while now. Apple has been selling music in the iTunes Music Store since April 2003 and Amazon has been selling MP3’s since September 2007. Google recently introduce Music Beta by Google.

Will Facebook get into streaming movies? They recently added Spotify integration to make their music offering more robust.

Amazon has a streaming movie service, Amazon Instant Video, and Google has YouTube. What will happen to Hulu? Will one of these four players make a move to buy it or create a strategic partnership?