Audio Books Completed in 2012

Title List


Escape Velocity

The Rare Find


What Would Google Do?

The Innovator’s DNA

Good to Great

Power: Why Some People Have It – and Others Don’t

The Master Switch


Start-Up Nation

Drinking With George

How the Mighty Fall

Accidental Genius

On Bullshit

Future Perfect

Life Itself: A Memoir

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

The Signal and the Noise

Beyond the Obvious

The Start-Up of You 


Notes: The book titles are mostly listed in order of completed. There are a few where the last played date was changed because I played the book at some point after completing it the first time. In 2013 I’ll try to make a note of a book the day it is completed. Looks like there are 21 titles completed for this year. There are a few that I stopped listening to part way through. Perhaps those will get a second chance in 2013.

Main Applications on the iPad (1-1-2011)

The picture below represents the current home screen layout as I currently use it.

TuneIn Radio is great, as is Wikihood.  They both offer something unique or outstanding IMHO.

From left to right starting at the top.

  • Google Maps
  • Photos
  • Earthquakes (notification and visualization of recent earthquakes globally)
  • Contacts
  • Flickr (Actually this is an iPhone app that you have to run 2x to fit the iPad)
  • Waze (Live mapping application. Has some game elements.)
  • Maps (folder of map applications)
  • Notes
  • Flipboard (Beautiful application for visualization of online content. Mostly Twitter, but also Flickr and Google Reader RSS posts)
  • Twitter (folder of Twitter applications)
  • Twitter (Official Twitter application)
  • Books (folder of book and reading applications)
  • Evernote (The everything notebook storage application)
  • AccuWeather
  • TuneIn Radio (paid 99 cents, worth $5)
  • Google (search and access to Google applications)
  • Google Voice (access and use your account on a mobile device)
  • Instapaper (Read it later application. Used in conjunction with a browser bookmarklet tool)
  • WordPress (application to create blog posts using WordPress)
  • Wikihood (Wikipedia entries for places near you)

Note from Post -> Holiday Stollen from Avalon | Detroit Girls About Town

Stop by Avalon Bakery at 422 W. Willis in Detroit’s Midtown area. The Stollen is only for the holidays, so get yours now. They have full loaves to share or small 5oz loaves for when you don’t want to.

via Holiday Stollen from Avalon | Detroit Girls About Town.

Note to self. Get to Avalon bakery this week or next. When traveling, bring the gift of food.