Main Applications on the iPad (1-1-2011)

The picture below represents the current home screen layout as I currently use it.

TuneIn Radio is great, as is Wikihood.  They both offer something unique or outstanding IMHO.

From left to right starting at the top.

  • Google Maps
  • Photos
  • Earthquakes (notification and visualization of recent earthquakes globally)
  • Contacts
  • Flickr (Actually this is an iPhone app that you have to run 2x to fit the iPad)
  • Waze (Live mapping application. Has some game elements.)
  • Maps (folder of map applications)
  • Notes
  • Flipboard (Beautiful application for visualization of online content. Mostly Twitter, but also Flickr and Google Reader RSS posts)
  • Twitter (folder of Twitter applications)
  • Twitter (Official Twitter application)
  • Books (folder of book and reading applications)
  • Evernote (The everything notebook storage application)
  • AccuWeather
  • TuneIn Radio (paid 99 cents, worth $5)
  • Google (search and access to Google applications)
  • Google Voice (access and use your account on a mobile device)
  • Instapaper (Read it later application. Used in conjunction with a browser bookmarklet tool)
  • WordPress (application to create blog posts using WordPress)
  • Wikihood (Wikipedia entries for places near you)

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