What is 2011?


“The Year of Solving Other Peoples Problems”

Tagline: “What’s Your Problem?”

*This came about after thinking about how camera apps could create a viable business model. This coming year should be about solving problems other people have. People may call it service. Most of the time it is a service, there are a few times where it is an idea that is implemented and that scales and creates massive value for the user. The creator gets a healthy reward for creating so much value for the customer.

Example: Supplier creates a product that crates $1M in sales for their customer with a net profit of $250,000 (25% net margin). Regular net margin is 10%. This product is creating $150,000 in extra net profit. Perhaps a third of that will go back to the creator of the solution that created a million dollars of business and created the opportunity to grow net profits $250,000. If the supplier takes a third of the excess, that would be $250,000 NPM – $100,000  SPM (Standard Profit Margin) = $150,000/3 = $50,000. There is an incentive to create excessive value and profit for their customer. Think of the 1/3rd as being a performance bonus.

*Still to be figured out.

Q: What if the buyer is OK with a 10% SPM and uses the savings to drive market share and be more competitive versus their competitors?

A: These things will have to be negotiated and put in writing.

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