Finding Time to Invest in Yourself

Finding Time to Invest in Yourself:

“Naval: Judgment takes experience. It takes a lot of time to build up. You have to put yourself in positions where you can exercise judgment. That’ll come from taking on accountability.

Leverage is something that society gives you after you’ve demonstrated judgment. You can get it faster by learning high-leverage skills like coding or working with the media. These are permissionless leverage. This is why I encourage people to learn to code or produce media, even if it’s just nights and weekends. “

*Interesting throughout

How to Serve Others by Answering Their Unasked Questions and Addressing Their Concerns

“I put myself in the mind of the consumer and think, ‘What questions do I have unanswered?’”

Handley, Ann; Chapman, C.C. (2010-11-11). Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series) (p. 11). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

*Was looking around in my Kindle library at the book Content Rules and found the passage above as one I previously highlighted. This way of thinking will allow one to become a trusted resource that is seeking to provide great service to the customer. It’s not clear why this way of thinking is so rare in business and other aspects of life.

One Founder Told Me He Wanted to Overpay His Employees. So We Invested. | Hunter Walk

One Founder Told Me He Wanted to Overpay His Employees. So We Invested. | Hunter Walk:

“Ultimately whether it’s through regulation or competition I don’t think optimizing for just the lowest possible labor cost at the expense of service and expertise is sustainable for many of these marketplaces or on-demand services. My guess is the first place it shows up is in the app store ratings and NPS scores of those companies who grind workers up, weak economy or strong.”

*Delivering exceptional value drives success. A higher (labor) cost can provide higher value so that there is no negative bottom line impact for the supplier.  

52 Cups of Coffee • Cup 50

52 Cups of Coffee • Cup 50: “the way you get from Point A (the start of a career) to Point B (the end) isn’t going to be a straight line. But if you keep moving forward, if you have a goal you’re shooting for—and the right mix of hard work and passion—you’ll get there. “

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Life is sort of like the stock market, there are daily ups and downs. Sometimes your stock falls in the short term, current examples are Amazon & Netflix, even as you play out the long term strategy of working hard (Hustle + Intensity w Passion) and helping others along the way. Give value first (Gitomer) and be interested in other people (Carnegie) are a few other personal traits that will be useful in addition to working hard.

Entrepreneur guru Michael Gerber: Businesses fail because of owners, not economy |

Entrepreneur guru Michael Gerber: Businesses fail because of owners, not economy |

“‘We are born to create,’ he said. ‘The only reason our economy sucks is people have forgotten that. … All of you, if the entrepreneur were awakened in you, would transform the state of the economy.’”

Interesting observation. It would be an improvement if more people thought about how they could effectively create a product or service and deliver it to customers.

Time Value Of YOUR Capability

It’s often hard to get quantifiable data to show (demonstrate) your value. Or rather, the incremental value you create at work. Do find a way to measure and record the results you create over time. This may take some time to find. Talk with people outside your field and ask them how they would measure success at what you do. Perhaps they will provide an imagination spark that leads to a process for highlighting your results.

What Is A Domino?

A game or a sequence of events. It starts as a pattern. It may not be clear upon a first look. There is always a first piece that tips and sets everything in motion. You put a product, service or idea out for the public to examine. If it meets their needs they might buy it. The key is for you to start, to not be afraid at how IT will be examined and judged. IT may fail. It happens. It’s very rare for a first idea to succeed without any setbacks. Setbacks and failure go with the territory. What you do as a result of those happenings is what matters. Does the idea that failure might, WILL happen scare you to not even try?

Start, start, start. That is probably a good mantra for someone with lots of good ideas but not quite the courage, yes courage, to apply their idea to reality. From dream to reality, now there is an idea. Apple seems to be dreaming and creating products into reality. iPod, iPhone and now, iPad. Those are three really good ones that have had and are creating a great impact on the market. Even the seemingly infallible Apple has failed. Remember the Newton? Here are some more product failures of Apple. 

The story of Thomas Edison working on inventing the light bulb usually includes the mention of 10,000 ways not to create a light bulb. That’s 10,000 failed tests! With that many failures one might think this guy will never achieve anything. Ah, there you would be mistaken. Edison is probably considered one of the top 5 inventors of all time. Here is a list of accomplishments of Edison as well some biographical information.

Job Advice – Showing Up

A huge portion of success is showing up. Some people think that they are better off not showing up. That is a strategy that will lead to failure. When you don’t show up, you are seen as unreliable and as a liability.  It actually creates barriers to your success. People will not do anything for you if you build up a reputation like this (Exception: They will recommend you not be considered for a job or promotion).

Showing up means a lot, even if you are not the best. Once people know your strengths and weaknesses they will compensate for your weaknesses and help your utilize your strengths. Most people you work with will want to see you succeed.

Show up, it might be the best decision you ever make.