What Is A Domino?

A game or a sequence of events. It starts as a pattern. It may not be clear upon a first look. There is always a first piece that tips and sets everything in motion. You put a product, service or idea out for the public to examine. If it meets their needs they might buy it. The key is for you to start, to not be afraid at how IT will be examined and judged. IT may fail. It happens. It’s very rare for a first idea to succeed without any setbacks. Setbacks and failure go with the territory. What you do as a result of those happenings is what matters. Does the idea that failure might, WILL happen scare you to not even try?

Start, start, start. That is probably a good mantra for someone with lots of good ideas but not quite the courage, yes courage, to apply their idea to reality. From dream to reality, now there is an idea. Apple seems to be dreaming and creating products into reality. iPod, iPhone and now, iPad. Those are three really good ones that have had and are creating a great impact on the market. Even the seemingly infallible Apple has failed. Remember the Newton? Here are some more product failures of Apple. 

The story of Thomas Edison working on inventing the light bulb usually includes the mention of 10,000 ways not to create a light bulb. That’s 10,000 failed tests! With that many failures one might think this guy will never achieve anything. Ah, there you would be mistaken. Edison is probably considered one of the top 5 inventors of all time. Here is a list of accomplishments of Edison as well some biographical information.