Jun 302011

The goal is to do the work as beautifully as you can, faster than anyone else, so you can do more work.

via Seths Blog: When is it due?.


Love what you do, do what you love. If you can get alignment like that, you can do great work and work longer making it great.

Jun 242011

Find a way to make it to important events.

There are not a lot of these, but it’s important to know the ones that fit in the Important category. Imagine yourself in the future, how you or the other person or people would feel if you were not in attendance. Yeah, that’s how you’ll know.

Jun 142011

Hastings said that he watches a lot on his Comcast cable subscription, including sports and news, that Netflix has no interest in delivering.

via Netflix CEO: We’re Not Driving Cable Cutting – Digits – WSJ.

What happens if Netflix changes it’s mind and chases after the rights to online sports programming?