Jan 122021

What Is Most Popular on Streaming Platforms? Old Network TV Shows – The New York Times:

“The Office,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Criminal Minds” represent three genres that have been mainstays in American entertainment — workplace comedies, and medical and crime dramas. They also feature a combined library of 830 episodes, which significantly boosted them in the Nielsen lists, which ranked shows based on total minutes watched. (“Grey’s Anatomy” is still running on ABC and is in its 17th season.)


The list seemed to confirm earlier findings that Americans favored comfort and escapist entertainment, in addition to news, as the nation confronted a public health emergency, massive social unrest and a searing presidential election.

*The text above is in reverse order.

Jun 142011

Hastings said that he watches a lot on his Comcast cable subscription, including sports and news, that Netflix has no interest in delivering.

via Netflix CEO: We’re Not Driving Cable Cutting – Digits – WSJ.

What happens if Netflix changes it’s mind and chases after the rights to online sports programming?

Mar 242011


All I wanted to know was if “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” was available for steaming. Have tried this search a few times in the past hour. Same error each time.