Feb 092015

Summarize Service

This is a feature found on Apple Macintosh computers as part of the operating system. I took an article and performed a summarize and it made a line from the last post stand out. From there, I went back to the full article to do an excerpt post. 

Can the use of the Summarize service be more automated? Thinking the answer is yes. Is it worth the time and effort to do so? Unknown. If the job to be done is big enough this will be worth exploring further.

Feb 092015

Pronouns Matter when Psyching Yourself Up – HBR:

… in one study we found that participants who silently referred to themselves in the second or third person or used their own names while preparing for a five-minute speech were calmer and more confident and performed better on the task than those who referred to themselves using ‘I’ or ‘me.’

*Interesting. Will have to try this technique. 

Feb 082015

The Check Is in the Mail: Shorenstein Cashes Out of LA Postal Warehouse – Developments – WSJ:

“Shorenstein and Mr. Worthe are among a growing roster of landlords who successfully leased up renovated buildings to so-called ‘creative’ tenants in the area.”

*Wonder how other places are doing this and having it happen in their community. Bringing people together can create new ideas and opportunities.