52 Cups of Coffee • Cup 50

52 Cups of Coffee • Cup 50: “the way you get from Point A (the start of a career) to Point B (the end) isn’t going to be a straight line. But if you keep moving forward, if you have a goal you’re shooting for—and the right mix of hard work and passion—you’ll get there. “

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Life is sort of like the stock market, there are daily ups and downs. Sometimes your stock falls in the short term, current examples are Amazon & Netflix, even as you play out the long term strategy of working hard (Hustle + Intensity w Passion) and helping others along the way. Give value first (Gitomer) and be interested in other people (Carnegie) are a few other personal traits that will be useful in addition to working hard.

Job Advice – Showing Up

A huge portion of success is showing up. Some people think that they are better off not showing up. That is a strategy that will lead to failure. When you don’t show up, you are seen as unreliable and as a liability.  It actually creates barriers to your success. People will not do anything for you if you build up a reputation like this (Exception: They will recommend you not be considered for a job or promotion).

Showing up means a lot, even if you are not the best. Once people know your strengths and weaknesses they will compensate for your weaknesses and help your utilize your strengths. Most people you work with will want to see you succeed.

Show up, it might be the best decision you ever make.