YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious –


YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp Delicious –

“Ms. Fake said Delicious might attract a wider audience now that more people are accustomed to sharing links and information socially — something foreign to most people eight years ago.

“It didn’t quite get to the mainstream before,” she said, “but I’m optimistic that it can get there now.””


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Sharing and privacy were big barriers to mass adoption for sites like Delicious.

Why Should I Follow People on Delicious and Create a Network?

Below is a screen shot of the recent bookmarks people in my Delicious network have created.


There are more than sixty people I’ve added to my Delicious network. The real power comes when you follow people that are active in areas that interest you. Some examples might be Technology, Apple, Twitter, Social Media, Social Networking, Business, you get the idea. These people bring some of the best content from their areas of interest to their Delicious account. This effectively filters out all the content that is not worth saving and distributing. If you were a user that saved crappy links people would probably unfollow and think less of you. Most people will only save good or great content. By following smart and active people on Delicious, you get a great tool that is much like a search engine. There are also two other features that are useful to Delicious. The first is Fresh Bookmarks and the other is Hotlist. Consider joining Delicious.

Yes I am aware that there are rumors that Yahoo will shut down Delicious. You can get value out of Delicious today if you sign up. Getting value now, is more important than getting value in 5 years.