Feature Request *What Would Make RunKeeper More Valuable?

Dear RunKeeper,

I’ve been thinking of how to get a little more value out of RunKeeper. I was thinking it would be cool to have a way to add a pair of shoes as equipment. It’s my understanding that shoes wear out after so many miles. Perhaps even weather conditions play a part too.

Here’s the idea…

Add Shoes

Estimated Distance on Shoes to start? (usually this will be zero.)

Then as people do their runs RunKeeper can keep track of miles, similar to how an odometer keeps a log of miles on automobiles. If weather is a factor in shoe longevity perhaps RunKeeper can use location data that the user has alloweed RunKeeper to collect to get local weather data. Is it cold? How cold? Is it raining? … Those are some factors that may impact suggested length of service for shoes when running. There might also be some cool graphs that could include shoe data as well.

Shoes in good condition prevent injuries.

Spending money at the right time feels good. My shoes are worn out, it’s time to replace them.

RunKeeper can ask the user if they want to participate in a referral purchase program. Some people buy replacement shoes online and some buy them at a local shop.

One more thing. Please consider allowing people to include shoe purchase data as a part of a shoe history locker. Brand, Model Number, Size, Price and Vendor/Store.