Product Details

When the customer clicks on “Product Details” there should be real details. In-depth and useful.

How will the customer use this?

If I was that customer doing that what would I want to know?

Real Example

Rain barrels to collect water from a gutter and down spout system. There is a spicket for a hose near the bottom and a second one for filling a watering can. Might a customer wonder if their watering will fit under the higher one? Give them details on how high each of the spickets are.

Details matter. Don’t just go through the motions. If the product doesn’t work it will get returned. Not every customer will do this, but why inconvenience the customer or give them negative feelings towards your company and the products you sell?

More details will also create less need for the customer to contact you. This will reduce customer service costs and enable your firm to be more competitive.

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