Google Feature Request: Priority Search

“Google should add a priority box to URL’s in search results. Let me curate the sites that matter.” I was about to tweet that when the idea moved me to write a longer post first.

Currently Google allows users to block domains from search results. Earlier today I was wondering if there was an easy way to get RSS posts out of Google Reader and into my Twitter feed. You can see the two results that looked relevant and interesting to me in the screenshot nearby. Here is a request to Google, create a ScreenClip(32)way to add the sites that are relevant to users, for example and, to a priority list. This list would search these sites as well as all others, but would put their relevant posts higher up in results, possibly even to the top.

Facebook may be creating a similar system from their “Like” feature. As people Like more and more pages the content in their news feed will become harder to find. Facebook may add an element that enables users to search amongst all the pages that users have previously expressed and interest in. Google already makes much of the web available to us. If there was a way to add priority to the sites that truly interest us, that would be very useful.

Google Bookmarks was a good step, but Google Priority Search would be like putting a man on the moon as compared to what happened near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903. Please make Priority Search a reality. Thank you.

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