How many baskets?

How many baskets?:

One basket, cared for and watched carefully. When no one else can focus on and serve that customer as well as you (because you have no choice, it’s your only basket) you have a huge obligation but you also have a platform to do great work.

(Via Seth’s Blog)


Find a problem you care about. Create a solution or a system to fix it. Focus on it. Delight people you need to achieve the goal. These people might play a few differentnt roles, such as, client, supporter, employee, volunteer etc..  Without delighting people, they loose interest and stop actively supporting the mission.

You want to get people to be engaged, enthusiastic and empowered.

Engaged: Sharing ideas on how to be better … Caring.

Enthusiastic:  Excited to be part of. The value and importance of this in people cannot be over stated. It’s important to create this in people.

Empowerment: Belief of the individual or the group that they can do what it takes to get things done. It’ also important to consider that people want their input and participation to make a positive impact.

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