Zillow Options – Feature Request

Zillow Recommendations – 10 Homes We Think You’ll Love


Zillow sends me emails with ten houses I may be interested in.


it might be helpful if they let you select the ones you are slightly interested in. You mark your interest with a check box and it creates driving directions on driving by the homes selected. Sometimes you just need to see the neighborhood before falling in love with a house. 

  • Is there a supermarket nearby?
  • What about locations of churches?
  • What about decent restaurants (or bars) to choose from that can be your regular place?
  • What about access to highways and other roads that make traveling to work easier and less stressful?
  • Good sidewalks?
  • Access to public transportation?
  • Proximity to nice parks?
  • Density of dog ownership in the area?


I’d also like Zillow to include high speed internet service providers and options for each location. This would include promotions and actual regular monthly prices for Internet connectivity. 

  • Who are the vendors?
  • What speeds and capacity do they offer?
  • Regular prices per month after introductory pricing ends
  • What prices are other people paying in this neighborhood?
  • What speeds and services are they getting?
  • This is a little granular and would require a sample of people to share their bill with Zillow. Perhaps Zillow could help them understand the market price better is they share and make a deal where the consumer can get a better price in exchange for sharing their bill. This would work for other utilities too. Gas, electric, etc…


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